Wall Street’s biggest lobbying group
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Goldman Sachs Edward C Forst, Judd Alan Gregg, David Heller, Michael Paese, Randy Snook, Edward Droesch
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Donald H Layton, Cory N Strupp, Blythe Masters, Michael K Clark, T Timothy Ryan Jr
Morgan Stanley Thomas R Nides, James P Gorman, Kristin Roesser, Neal A Shear
Citigroup Inc. Sallie L Krawcheck, Edward J Kelly III, Edward Droesch
Merrill Lynch James P Gorman, Thomas Harod Patrick Jr, Francis J Kelly Jr
Deutsche Bank AG Fred Brettschneider, Thomas Hartnett, Francis J Kelly Jr
Fix the Debt James P Gorman, Judd Alan Gregg, Thomas M Joyce
Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc Stephen M Lessing, Herbert H McDade III
The Charles Schwab Corporation Walter W Bettinger II, Benjamin Brigeman
BlackRock, Inc. Sallie L Krawcheck, Timothy P O'Hara
US House Committe on Financial Services Michael Paese, Carter McDowell
Harvard University Edward C Forst, David Heller
Edward Jones James D Weddle, James A Tricarico Jr
Federal Reserve Bank of New York James P Gorman, Donald H Layton
Credit Suisse (USA), Inc. Thomas R Nides, Timothy P O'Hara
Atlantic Council Thomas R Nides, Francis J Kelly Jr
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Richard F Brueckner, James D Weddle
Columbia Business School Sallie L Krawcheck, James P Gorman
Carnegie Hall Sallie L Krawcheck, Edward C Forst
American Bankers Association Carter McDowell, Lisa J Bleier