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LittleSis is bringing together a community of citizens who believe in transparency and accountability where it matters most. Our task is to study, document, and expose the social networks that have our democracy in a stranglehold, so that grassroots efforts can more effectively challenge their claim to power.

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3,533,935 Citations
1,165,159 Relationships
184,069 People
66,999 Organizations
62,587 Business People
22,836 Businesses
16,116 Political Fundraising Committees
11,995 Academics
11,900 Lobbyists
8,641 Political Candidates
7,252 Lawyers
6,134 Public Officials
5,356 Private Companies
4,101 Elected Representatives
3,413 Media Personalities
3,315 Schools
3,289 Government Bodies
3,207 Other Not-for-Profits
2,258 Public Companies
1,996 Individual Campaign Committees
1,714 Philanthropies
1,637 Other Campaign Committees
1,433 Lobbying Firms
1,159 Membership Organizations
619 Couples
548 Law Firms
479 Industry/Trade Associations
283 Policy/Think Tanks
206 Political Parties
190 Cultural/Arts
172 PACs
141 Public Intellectuals
117 Consulting Firms
94 Media Organizations
84 Professional Associations
77 Government-Sponsored Enterprises
77 Labor Unions
75 Public Relations Firms
60 Social Clubs