Map the power with Oligrapher

Oligrapher is a tool for visualizing networks of influence

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New! Oligrapher was initially developed for use with LittleSis data.
Now, it can be installed for use with other data sets.

The latest version of Oligrapher can be run with non-LittleSis data sets, as long as the data format conforms to the correct standard.

This project was supported by the Influence Mapping project, the Open Society Foundations, and partners at the American Assembly.


  • easily import data from LittleSis
  • fullscreen and embedded maps
  • customizable nodes, edges, and text
  • force-directed and preset layouts
  • read more on the LittleSis blog
  • undo and redo edits
  • works standalone w/o LittleSis
  • tell a story through click-animations
  • fully-featured graph editor
  • open-source code using React

Learn how to make your own oligrapher