Tags allow contributors to thematically group people, organizations, lists, and relationships on LittleSis. Below is a list of all the tags on the site. Don't see a tag you want to use? Use this form to request it!
    People and organizations that oppose reproductive freedom
    entities and relationship that promote gender oppression.
    People and organizations that discriminate against transgender people
    People, companies, and organizations in Australia
    People, companies, and organizations in Boston
    People and organizations in the Buffalo-Niagara metro area
    The 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic
    Data from the Corporate Mapping Project
    Data from the CorpU Project
    Defence or defense industry
    Banks, hedge funds and private equity firms
    People and companies in Florida
    companies or individuals or organizations associated with the production, sales and/or promotion of fossil fuels and the industry as a whole
    People and companies involved in fracking
    People and companies in Georgia
    HCA Healthcare Subsidiaries
    People and organizations connected to Hindutva, or Hindu-nationalism in India and abroad.
    The SEC's Investment Adviser Public Disclosure database
    Companies who have or had contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Politicians and companies with financial ties to Israel
    People and organizations in Louisiana
    People and companies Massachusetts
    People, companies and organizations in Michigan
    entities pertaining to immigration and migration.
    Entities in, from, or operating in Mexico
    People and companies in New York State
    For entities involved with private equity investing in healthcare
    People and companies in the Philadelphia metro area
    For tracking entities that should be reviewed as duplicates
    The Prison Industrial Complex
    tracking district prosecutors races
    People and companies in Puerto Rico
    Entities related to Raleigh, NC.
    The real estate industry
    People and companies in San Diego
    147 members of U.S. Congress who did not vote to certify 2020 presidential election and those who donated to them
    People, companies and organizations in the St. Louis metro area.
    The technology industry
    Entities related to the Commonwealth of Virginia