Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Office of the Director of National Intelligence also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
National Security Council Dennis C Blair, John D Negroponte, Kash Patel, Thomas Higgins, Joseph Maguire, Brad Hansell, Michael T Flynn
Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden, S Leslie Ireland, Joseph DeTrani, Al Tarasiuk, Stephanie O'Sullivan
National Security Agency Mike McConnell, Bob Rose, Michael Hayden, Joel Brenner, Richard H Ledgett Jr
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. Mike McConnell, James Clapper, Henry A Obering III, Joseph Maguire, Ronald Sanders
Intelligence and National Security Alliance Elena Kim-Mitchell, Mike McConnell, Joseph DeTrani, Al Munson, John D Negroponte
Defense Intelligence Agency Steve Woolwine, James Clapper, Michael T Flynn, Robert Cardillo
US Department of Defense Ronald Sanders, Paul G Kaminski, Henry A Obering III
United States Air Force Michael Hayden, Ronald Sanders, Henry A Obering III
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Robert Cardillo, Susan M. Gordon, James Clapper
The Chertoff Group Michael Hayden, Bob Rose, Joel Brenner
National Commission for the Review of the Research and Development Programs of the United States Intelligence Community Stephanie O'Sullivan, David A. Bray, PhD., Kevin Meiners
General Dynamics Corporation Annette Torrisi, Paul G Kaminski
US Department of State John D Negroponte, Joseph DeTrani
In-Q-Tel Paul G Kaminski, Susan M. Gordon
National Counterterrorism Center Bob Rose, Joseph Maguire
United States Navy Mike McConnell, Joseph Maguire
International Security Assistance Force – Afghanistan Michael T Flynn, Paul Becker
Citigroup Inc. S Leslie Ireland
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bob Rose
Oracle Corporation Ken Westbrook