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Originally set up as a research arm for the Air Force, RAND still receives more than 80% of its funding from the federal government. Over the... more »
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of RAND Corporation also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Atlantic Council James B Steinberg, Henry A Kissinger, Harold Brown, Philip Lader, Dr James R Schlesinger, Zalmay Khalilzad, Frank Charles Carlucci, Condoleezza Rice, Rita E Hauser
Council on Foreign Relations Karen Elliott House, Harold Brown, Francis Fukuyama, Tim Geithner, Jack Keane, Benjamin Lambeth, Ronald L Olson, Robert Blackwill
US Department of Defense Richard J Danzig, Zalmay Khalilzad, Dr James R Schlesinger, Roger Cliff, Paul G Kaminski, James A Thomson, Frank Charles Carlucci
US Department of State Barbara M Barrett, Scooter Libby, Robert Blackwill, Henry A Kissinger, James B Steinberg, Condoleezza Rice, Francis Fukuyama
Harvard University Michael Lynton, Henry A Kissinger, James F Rothenberg, Albert Carnesale, Joseph P Newhouse
Center for Strategic and International Studies Dr James R Schlesinger, Benjamin Lambeth, Henry A Kissinger, Richard J Danzig, Harold Brown
Defense Policy Board Harold Brown, Richard J Danzig, Henry A Kissinger, Dr James R Schlesinger, Jack Keane
U.S. Department of the Treasury Tim Geithner, Mark B McClellan, Paul H O'Neill, Sheila Bair
United States Air Force John W Handy, Dr Donald B Rice, Eric A Hanushek, John Stillion
California Institute of Technology Donald Tang, James F Rothenberg, Harold Brown, Lee A Dubridge
Office of Management and Budget Dr James R Schlesinger, Paul H O'Neill, John Francis Cogan, Patricia Dinneen
Center For A New American Security Inc. James B Steinberg, Karen Elliott House, Richard J Danzig, Andrew Hoehn
The Aspen Institute Condoleezza Rice, Gerald Greenwald, Ann McLaughlin Korologos, Michael K Powell
Committee for Economic Development Ronald L Olson, James A Thomson, Gerald Greenwald, James E Rohr
RAND Health Steven Lazarus, Pedro Jose Greer, James A Thomson, Paul H O'Neill
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Roger Cliff, John Stillion, Jack Keane, Benjamin Lambeth
Stanford University Condoleezza Rice, John Francis Cogan, Mark B McClellan
National Security Council Robert Blackwill, Andrew Marshall, James A Thomson
Central Intelligence Agency Frank Charles Carlucci, Benjamin Lambeth, Dr James R Schlesinger
White House Office Scooter Libby, Mark B McClellan, Condoleezza Rice