Private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut - founded in 1701
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Yale University also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Yale Corporation William I Miller, Donna Lee Dubinsky, George Leonard Baker Jr, Jeffrey Powell Koplan, Paul L Joskow, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Margaret Garrard Warner, Barrington Daniels Parker, Fareed Zakaria, Richard C Levin, Indra K Nooyi, Margaret Hilary Marshall, Edward Bass, Mimi Gardner Gates, Peter B Dervan, Douglas A Warner III
Yale Investment Committee Douglas A Warner III, Shauna Ryan King, William I Miller, George Leonard Baker Jr, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Barrington Daniels Parker, Fareed Zakaria, Richard C Levin
Council on Foreign Relations Susan Hockfield, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Fareed Zakaria, Margaret Garrard Warner, Richard N Cooper
The World Bank Group Rajendra K Pachauri, Eric A Hanushek, Paul Wolfowitz, Willem Buiter
Stanford University Robin Wright, Axel Brunger, Dan Reicher, Lisa Curran
Yale School of Management Jeffrey Powell Koplan, Richard C Levin, George Leonard Baker Jr, Jeffrey L Bewkes
Harvard University Richard N Cooper, Tom Gross, Ariel Pakes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hayward Alker, Paul L Joskow, Susan Hockfield
Princeton University Christopher Sims, Edward Tufte, Brad Wilcox
Brookings Institution Robin Wright, David F Swensen, Brad Wilcox
National Bureau of Economic Research Willem Buiter, Eric A Hanushek, William D Nordhaus
American Economic Association William D Nordhaus, Eric A Hanushek, James Tobin
United States Institute of Peace Stephen J Hadley, Robin Wright, John Kerry
General Electric Company Douglas A Warner III, Susan Hockfield
Goldman Sachs Willem Buiter, David B Singer
US Department of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen J Hadley
US Department of State Stephen J Hadley, Paul Wolfowitz
University of Michigan Lisa Curran, Willem Buiter
University of Washington Kristina Olson, Alan M Weiner
University of Southern California Hayward Alker, Robin Wright