ICCF is an industry funded 501(c)3 used for backdoor lobbying
ICCF offers it’s corporate and NGO partners unparalleled opportunity for access and visibility before the 2nd largest bipartisan Congressional... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in International Conservation Caucus Foundation have made donations to
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $217,100 Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Gephardt, Corinne Claiborne Boggs, Charles Walter Stenholm, John Breaux
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $168,250 John Breaux, John Bennett Johnston Jr, Corinne Claiborne Boggs, Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Gephardt
Henry Cuellar $165,700 Jack Milton Fields Jr, Henry Cuellar, Charles Walter Stenholm
Sheldon Whitehouse $112,500 John Bennett Johnston Jr, Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Gephardt
Nrccc - Non Federal 1 $100,000 Jack Milton Fields Jr
National Republican Congressional Committee $69,080 Zachary Paul Wamp, Connie Mack IV, Philip Sheridan English, Jack Milton Fields Jr
Mark R Warner $39,700 Dick Gephardt, John Breaux
Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. Citizenship Committee $35,500 John Bennett Johnston Jr
Charles J Melancon $25,250 Charles Walter Stenholm, John Breaux, John Bennett Johnston Jr
Hillary Clinton $24,900 Charles Walter Stenholm, John Breaux, John Bennett Johnston Jr, Heath Shuler, Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Gephardt, Henry Cuellar, David Hampton Pryor
Mitt Romney $20,500 Bill McCollum, Rick Lazio, Philip Sheridan English, Robert Walter Kasten Jr, Trent Lott
George W Bush $19,500 John Breaux, Thomas F Hartnett, Robert Walter Kasten Jr, John Light Napier, Jack Milton Fields Jr, Rob Portman, Rick Lazio
Sherrod Brown $18,500 Dick Gephardt, David Lee Hobson
Mary L Landrieu $17,990 John Bennett Johnston Jr, Charles J Melancon, Dick Gephardt, John Breaux
Steptoe and Johnson LLP Political Action Committee $16,500 John Bennett Johnston Jr
Steny Hoyer $15,650 Charles Walter Stenholm, John Bennett Johnston Jr, Dick Gephardt
Ted Poe $13,500 Zachary Paul Wamp, Jack Milton Fields Jr
Claire McCaskill $12,700 John Bennett Johnston Jr, Dick Gephardt, John Breaux
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. PAC $12,688 Rick Lazio
Joe Barton $12,500 John Bennett Johnston Jr, Jack Milton Fields Jr, John Breaux