People Have Given To
People with positions in Foreign Policy Association have made donations to
Indiana Values Superpac Inc $25,000 John C Whitehead
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $25,000 Edward F Cox
Mark Steven Kirk $24,600 John C Whitehead, Edward B Rust Jr, Edward F Cox
Joe Lieberman $24,200 John C Whitehead, Harold McGraw III, John H Biggs, Paul Calello, Phil Friedman, Edward F Cox, Edward B Rust Jr
Tom Campbell $24,100 Henry A Kissinger, George P Shultz, David A Coulter, Colin L Powell, John C Whitehead
Straight Talk America $22,500 George P Shultz, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Henry A Kissinger, Edward F Cox, John C Whitehead
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) Political Action Committee $22,500 Paul Calello
Financial Services Roundtable PAC $22,000 Edward B Rust Jr
Bankamerica Corporation Political Action Committee (Bacpac)/Fka-Bankamerica Election Fund $21,348 David A Coulter, Julia Chang Bloch
Chris Dodd $20,000 Peter K Scaturro, Donald H Layton, David A Coulter, Edward B Rust Jr, Elizabeth R Miller, Peter Flaherty, Maurice R Greenberg, Harold McGraw III
Starr Insurance Holdings Inc PAC $20,000 Maurice R Greenberg
Max Baucus $18,900 Maurice R Greenberg, Donald H Layton, William R Rhodes, Theodore Roosevelt IV, David A Coulter
David Timothy Dreier $18,600 George P Shultz, Maurice R Greenberg
Dennis Kucinich $18,000 Alfred F Ross
John P. Kline, Jr. $17,600 James Addison Baker III
New Jersey Republican State Committee $17,000 John C Whitehead
Trump Victory $16,600 Edward F Cox
Rick Lazio $16,500 John H Biggs, Henry A Kissinger, Theodore Roosevelt IV, George P Shultz, Harold McGraw III, William R Rhodes, Julia Chang Bloch, Donald H Layton, Colin L Powell, James Addison Baker III, Peter Flaherty, John C Whitehead, Maurice R Greenberg
California Republican Party/V8 $16,350 David A Coulter, George P Shultz
Arlen Specter $16,100 Henry A Kissinger, John C Whitehead, Peter Flaherty, James Addison Baker III, Colin L Powell, Alfred F Ross, George P Shultz, Edward F Cox, Theodore Roosevelt IV