People Have Given To
People with positions in Foreign Policy Association have made donations to
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. State and Federal Political Action Committee $53,764 Donald H Layton, David A Coulter
Chuck Schumer $52,950 John C Whitehead, Paul Calello, Peter Flaherty, Alfred F Ross, Elizabeth R Miller, Donald H Layton, David A Coulter, Peter K Scaturro, John H Biggs, William R Rhodes, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Maurice R Greenberg
Hillary Clinton $51,800 Elizabeth R Miller, Madeleine K Albright, Paul Calello, Phil Friedman, John C Whitehead, John H Biggs, Warren Christopher, John D Hofmeister, Sanjeev K Mehra, Peter K Scaturro, Peter Flaherty
Richard Green Lugar $50,750 John H Biggs, Julia Chang Bloch, Edward F Cox, John C Whitehead, Henry A Kissinger, George P Shultz, Warren Christopher, Peter Flaherty, Donald H Layton
American International Group Inc. Employee Political Action Committee $50,000 Maurice R Greenberg
Restore Our Future PAC $50,000 John C Whitehead
American Friends of Bilderberg, Inc. $47,500 Henry A Kissinger
Capital One Financial Corp. Assoc. Political Fund $45,000 Patrick W Gross
Rob Portman $41,172 John C Whitehead, Donald H Layton, John H Biggs, Harold McGraw III, William R Rhodes, Edward B Rust Jr, Edward F Cox, Maurice R Greenberg, David A Coulter
Mitch McConnell $39,550 Julia Chang Bloch, Edward B Rust Jr, John C Whitehead, George P Shultz, William R Rhodes, Maurice R Greenberg
Kirsten Gillibrand $34,800 Elizabeth R Miller, Peter K Scaturro, Maurice R Greenberg, Peter Flaherty, Harold McGraw III
Citicorp Voluntary Political Fund Federal $30,500 William R Rhodes
Republican National Cmte $30,000 Maurice R Greenberg
American Council of Life Insurers Political Action Committee $29,750 John H Biggs
Democratic White House Victory Fund $28,500 Elizabeth R Miller
Campaign America Inc $27,000 John C Whitehead
Republican Leadership Council Federal PAC $27,000 Colin L Powell, John C Whitehead
Mark Udall $25,200 John C Whitehead, Theodore Roosevelt IV, John H Biggs
George W Bush $25,000 George P Shultz, John C Whitehead, Edward B Rust Jr, James Addison Baker III, Maurice R Greenberg, Henry A Kissinger, David A Coulter, Harold McGraw III, Julia Chang Bloch, Colin L Powell
Giuliani Victory Cmte-Non-Federal $25,000 John C Whitehead