People Have Given To
People with positions in Foreign Policy Association have made donations to
Scott P Brown $16,000 John C Whitehead, Edward F Cox, George P Shultz
Peter Roskam $15,650 Edward B Rust Jr
Michael Castle $15,300 George P Shultz, John C Whitehead, Maurice R Greenberg, James Addison Baker III, William R Rhodes
Republican Party of Kentucky $15,000 Julia Chang Bloch
New York Republican County Committee $15,000 John C Whitehead, Maurice R Greenberg, Edward F Cox, Theodore Roosevelt IV
Volunteer PAC $15,000 John C Whitehead
C.V. Starr & Co. Inc. Political Action Committee $15,000 Maurice R Greenberg
Romney Victory $15,000 Maurice R Greenberg
Carly Fiorina $14,600 Edward B Rust Jr, George P Shultz, David A Coulter
Dianne Feinstein $13,800 George P Shultz, David A Coulter, Patrick W Gross, Madeleine K Albright
Aaron Schock $13,800 Edward B Rust Jr
George Allen $13,700 Colin L Powell, John C Whitehead, George P Shultz
Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee $13,550 Sanjeev K Mehra, David A Coulter
Dennis Hastert $13,500 Maurice R Greenberg, Edward B Rust Jr, John C Whitehead
Charles Rangel $13,500 Ponchitta Pierce, Maurice R Greenberg, William R Rhodes, Harold McGraw III, Paul Calello, John H Biggs
Jeb Bush $13,500 Harold McGraw III, William R Rhodes, James Addison Baker III
Elizabeth Hanford Dole $13,100 Edward B Rust Jr, George P Shultz, John C Whitehead, Maurice R Greenberg
Kit Bond $12,600 Henry A Kissinger, Maurice R Greenberg, John C Whitehead
Charles Schwab Corporation Political Action Committee $12,500 Peter K Scaturro, George P Shultz
Olympia Jean Snowe $12,250 Edward F Cox, Peter Flaherty, John C Whitehead