Environmental advocacy group
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Environmental Defense Fund also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Environmental Defense Action Fund Sam Rawlings Walton, Susan Mandel, Abby Leigh, Adele Simmons, Frank E Loy, Lewis S Ranieri, Kirsten J Feldman, Thomas H Kean, Shelby W Bonnie, Stanley Druckenmiller, John C Kerr, Lewis B Cullman, Elizabeth Thompson, Charles J Hamilton, Jr, Douglas W Shorenstein, Paul Junger Witt, Carl Ferenbach III, Wendy Abrams
Obama for America Frank E Loy, Robert M Perkowitz, Susan Mandel, Wendy Abrams
Tiger Management Corporation Julian Robertson Jr, Shelby W Bonnie, Sam Reeves, Michael Bills
Environmental Advocates of New York Elizabeth Strickler, James T B Tripp, Irvine D Flinn, Andrew H Darrell
Years of Living Dangerously Susan Mandel, Fred Krupp, William K Bowes, Jr, R Jeremy Grantham
Princeton University Christopher Cole, Carl Ferenbach III, Stephen W Pacala
Resources for the Future Michael J Bean, Frank E Loy, Robert E Grady
Natural Resources Defense Council Jon Coifman, George M Woodwell, Hannah Druckenmiller
World Resources Institute Roger W Sant, Leslie Dach, George M Woodwell
Wildlife Conservation Society Julian Robertson Jr, Gilbert Butler, Christopher J Elliman
World Wildlife Fund, Inc. Thomas H Kean, George M Woodwell, Roger W Sant
UCSF Foundation William K Bowes, Jr, Arthur H Kern, Brook Byers
Harvard Environmental Economics Program Robert E Grady, Fred Krupp, Frank E Loy
New York League of Conservation Voters James T B Tripp, Peggy M Shepard, Christopher J Elliman
Energy Institute at University of Texas at Austin Marilu Hastings, James D Marston, Fred Krupp
EcoAmerica Jay Faison, Robert M Perkowitz, Frank E Loy
Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment R Jeremy Grantham, Isabel Grantham, Hannelore Grantham
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Fred Krupp, R Jeremy Grantham, Hannelore Grantham
Goldman Sachs Michael Bills, Christopher Cole
Morgan Stanley Kirsten J Feldman, Shelby W Bonnie