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Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Committee for Economic Development also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Council on Foreign Relations Peter G Peterson, John L Clendenin, Kenneth W Dam, Shirley Ann Jackson, Michael Peterson, George E Rupp, George P Shultz, Frederick W Smith, Stephen W Bosworth, Donna E Shalala, Kenneth M Duberstein, Pamela B Gann, Ronald L Olson
Brookings Institution Bruce K MacLaury, Stuart E Eizenstat, William A Haseltine, Shirley Ann Jackson, Larry D Thompson, James A Johnson, Kenneth M Duberstein, Michael J Chesser, Kenneth W Dam
Atlantic Council Kenneth W Dam, Paula Stern, Bowman Cutter, T Allan McArtor, Stuart E Eizenstat, Barbara Hackman Franklin, George P Shultz
Partnership for Public Service Lloyd Howell Jr, John Sexton, Beth Brooke, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, Kenneth M Duberstein, Stuart E Eizenstat, Roy J Bostock
Fix the Debt Eugene A. Ludwig, Carl T Camden, Lenny Mendonca, Stephen Odland, Philip Howard, Michael Peterson, Edward B Rust Jr
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Lee Bollinger, Peter G Peterson, John Sexton, Marion Bayard Folsom, R Glenn Hubbard
Peter G Peterson Foundation Peter G Peterson, George P Shultz, Michael Peterson, Roger W Ferguson Jr, Donna E Shalala
Economic Club of New York Roger W Ferguson Jr, Barbara Hackman Franklin, R Glenn Hubbard, Cono Fusco, Edward F Cox
Wells Fargo & Company Avid Modjtabai, Ranjana B Clark, Nicholas G Moore, Robert L Joss
General Mills Stephen Odland, Roger W Ferguson Jr, Paul Danos, Lois E Quam
US Department of State Stuart E Eizenstat, John Hillen, George P Shultz, Stephen W Bosworth
Office of Management and Budget Bowman Cutter, John P White, George P Shultz, Charles E M Kolb
The Aspen Institute Patrick W Gross, Yotaro Kobayashi, Beth Brooke, Gerald Greenwald
RAND Corporation Ronald L Olson, Gerald Greenwald, James E Rohr, James A Thomson
Center for Strategic and International Studies William Emerson Brock III, Benjamin W Heineman Jr, David H Langstaff, Joseph T Gorman
Foreign Policy Association Edward F Cox, George P Shultz, Patrick W Gross, Edward B Rust Jr
General Electric Company Benjamin W Heineman Jr, John C Loomis, James E Rohr
IBM Shirley Ann Jackson, Kenneth W Dam, Patrick Toole
Goldman Sachs Sarah G Smith, Lloyd Howell Jr, James A Johnson
UnitedHealth Group, Inc. James A Johnson, Donna E Shalala, Lois E Quam