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People Have Given To
People with positions in Warburg Pincus LLC have made donations to
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $5,025,000 Daniel S Loeb
American Unity PAC Inc $1,700,000 Daniel S Loeb
Right to Rise USA $891,730 Daniel S Loeb, Kenneth I Juster
Congressional Leadership Fund $700,000 Daniel S Loeb
Democratic National Committee $623,700 Bowman Cutter, Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein, John L Vogelstein, Charles R Kaye, Lionel I Pincus, Henry B Schacht, Daniel S Loeb, Stewart K P Gross, William Janeway
Republican National Committee $595,800 Mark Begor, Daniel S Loeb, David A Coulter, Robert Knauss, Thomas W Horton, David W Dorman, Lawrence T Babbio Jr, Patrick T Hackett, Kenneth I Juster
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $555,200 Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein, William Janeway, Bowman Cutter, John L Vogelstein, Daniel S Loeb, Lionel I Pincus, Richard N Cooper, Henry B Schacht, Stewart K P Gross
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $450,900 David A Coulter, Douglas M Karp, Bowman Cutter, Daniel S Loeb, William Janeway, Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein, John L Vogelstein, Stewart K P Gross, Lionel I Pincus, David W Dorman
Great Public Schools PAC $450,000 Daniel S Loeb
NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee $440,600 Daniel S Loeb
New Yorkers For Putting Students First $415,000 Daniel S Loeb
Republican Governors Association $400,000 Daniel S Loeb
National Republican Senatorial Committee $298,800 Kenneth I Juster, Fred Hassan, Daniel S Loeb
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $295,000 Lionel I Pincus, John L Vogelstein
DNC Non-Federal Unincorporated Association Account $280,000 Lionel I Pincus
Ending Spending Action Fund $250,000 Daniel S Loeb
New York 2014 $250,000 Daniel S Loeb
Barack Obama $226,150 Daniel S Loeb, Joel Ackerman, Henry B Schacht, Mark Colodny, Peter Kagan, Rodman W Moorhead III, William Janeway, John L Vogelstein, Patrick T Hackett, Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein, Charles R Kaye, Stewart K P Gross, Bowman Cutter, Alain J P Belda
National Republican Congressional Committee $178,000 Michael E Martin, Lawrence T Babbio Jr, Daniel S Loeb, David A Coulter, Rodman W Moorhead III, Robert Knauss, Kenneth I Juster
National Venture Capital Association Venturepac $159,600 Lionel I Pincus, Peter Kagan, Rodman W Moorhead III, Michael E Martin, Bowman Cutter, Mark Colodny, Stewart K P Gross, Patrick T Hackett, Joseph P Landy, Charles R Kaye, James Neary, John L Vogelstein, Scott A Arenare, Joel Ackerman, David A Barr, William Janeway