Conservative think tank at Stanford
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Hoover Institution also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Shultz-Stephenson Task Force on Energy Policy William J Perry, Jim Woolsey, Thomas F Stephenson, Gary Roughead, Kiron K Skinner, Howard H Leach, Condoleezza Rice, Gary S Becker, Jim Sweeney, Michael J Boskin, John Francis Cogan, George P Shultz
Stanford University Michael J Boskin, Dr John L Hennessy, Thomas J Sargent, Russell A Berman, Condoleezza Rice, John Francis Cogan, Jim Sweeney, William J Perry, Nancy Barry Munger
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research David Rubenstein, Eric A Hanushek, Tad N Taube, George P Shultz, Eff W Martin, Dixon R Doll, Michael J Boskin, Thomas F Stephenson, Jim Sweeney
US Department of State Stanley Fischer, Condoleezza Rice, George P Shultz, Kori Schake, Donald H Rumsfeld, Kiron K Skinner
Council on Foreign Relations Kenneth A Hersh, George P Shultz, Stanley Fischer, Fouad Ajami, Gary Roughead, David Rubenstein
Atlantic Council William H. Draper III, Jim Woolsey, Kiron K Skinner, Condoleezza Rice, George P Shultz, William J Perry
Center for Strategic and International Studies David Rubenstein, William H. Draper III, George L Argyros Sr., Robert Stuart Jr, Stephen Bechtel Jr, W Clarke Swanson Jr
Precourt Institute for Energy William J Perry, Thomas F Stephenson, Jay A Precourt, Jim Sweeney, George P Shultz, Stephen Bechtel Jr
American Enterprise Institute James Q Wilson, Eric A Hanushek, Kenneth A Hersh, Howard H Leach, Dinesh D'Souza
Cato Institute Walter E Williams, David R Henderson, Richard A Epstein, Todd Zywicki, Thomas Gale Moore
Competitive Enterprise Institute John Berlau, Todd Zywicki, Michael W Gleba, Dr. Thomas Gale Moore, Thomas Gale Moore
Stanford University Athletic Board Gail A Jaquish, Eff W Martin, Charles J Keenan III, Shirley Matteson, Laura K Arrillaga
Gilead Sciences, Inc George P Shultz, John W Madigan, Donald H Rumsfeld, John Francis Cogan
California Institute of Technology Donald R Beall, George L Argyros Sr., Stephen Bechtel Jr, Brigitte Bren
University of Chicago Thomas J Sargent, David Rubenstein, Stanley Fischer, Gary S Becker
Harvard Kennedy School David Rubenstein, Eric A Hanushek, Stanley Fischer, Kenneth A Hersh
Chevron Kenneth T Derr, Paul L Davies Jr, Condoleezza Rice
Oracle Corporation Michael J Boskin, Jeffrey O Henley, Thomas Siebel
US Department of Defense Donald H Rumsfeld, Jim Mattis, William J Perry
US Department of Education Eric A Hanushek, Williamson Evers, Hanna Skandera