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People Have Given To
People with positions in Obama-Biden Transition Project have made donations to
Barack Obama $196,397 Daniel K Tarullo, John Podesta, Julius Genachowski, Sonal Shah, Linda Darling-Hammond, Valerie Jarrett, Cassandra Butts, Stephanie Cutter, Paul S Bock, Carol Browner, Michael Froman, Blair Levin, Michael Strautmanis, Peter Swire, Susan E Rice, Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, George Frampton Jr, Christopher Edley Jr, Federico Peña, Donald Gips, Melody Barnes, Christopher Lu
Democratic National Committee $99,040 Mark H Gitenstein, Christopher Edley Jr, Blair Levin, George Frampton Jr, Linda Darling-Hammond, Christopher Lu, Donald Gips, Federico Peña, Valerie Jarrett, Susan E Rice, Daniel K Tarullo, Pete Rouse
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $84,434 Mark H Gitenstein, Christopher Lu, Susan E Rice, George Frampton Jr, Michael Froman, Valerie Jarrett, Paul S Bock, Peter Swire, John Podesta, Federico Peña, Stephanie Cutter, Julius Genachowski
Hillary Clinton $49,900 Susan E Rice, Stephanie Cutter, George Frampton Jr, Sonal Shah, Donald Gips, Jim Messina, Peter Swire, Michael Froman, Mark Lindsay, Julius Genachowski, Mark H Gitenstein, Carol Browner, John Podesta, Christopher Edley Jr, Christine Varney
John Kerry $33,000 Paul S Bock, Christopher Lu, Valerie Jarrett, Mark H Gitenstein, Federico Peña, Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, George Frampton Jr, Julius Genachowski, Daniel K Tarullo, Sonal Shah, Susan E Rice, Christine Varney, John Podesta, Mark Lindsay, Michael Froman
Mark Udall $19,050 Donald Gips, Julius Genachowski, Paul S Bock, John Podesta, Carol Browner, George Frampton Jr, Federico Peña, Blair Levin
Ed Perlmutter $17,700 Federico Peña, Donald Gips
Ken Salazar $15,900 Mark H Gitenstein, Valerie Jarrett, Federico Peña, Christopher Edley Jr, Donald Gips, George Frampton Jr
Kirsten Gillibrand $15,550 George Frampton Jr, John Podesta
Michael F Bennet $15,300 Paul S Bock, Federico Peña, George Frampton Jr, Susan E Rice, Christopher Lu, Casey Cooper
Hopefund Inc. $14,735 Christopher Edley Jr, Michael Froman, Donald Gips, Valerie Jarrett, Julius Genachowski
Patrick Leahy $13,507 Carol Browner, Paul S Bock, Christine Varney, Mark H Gitenstein, John Podesta
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund $12,900 John Podesta, Carol Browner, George Frampton Jr
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $12,500 Julius Genachowski, Stephanie Cutter, Valerie Jarrett, Christopher Lu, Peter Swire, Cassandra Butts, Susan E Rice, Carol Browner
Joe Biden $11,450 Michael Froman, Mark H Gitenstein, John Podesta
Erskine B Bowles $10,250 John Podesta, Mark H Gitenstein, Carol Browner, Federico Peña, Michael Froman, Julius Genachowski
Tom Daschle $10,250 John Podesta, Federico Peña, Mark H Gitenstein, Carol Browner, Donald Gips, Valerie Jarrett
Dick Durbin $10,050 Valerie Jarrett, John Podesta, Mark H Gitenstein
Next Generation $10,000 Mark H Gitenstein
Chris Dodd $9,000 Stephanie Cutter, Michael Froman, John Podesta, Paul S Bock, Mark H Gitenstein