The Bubble Barons
American multi-billionaires who saw astronomic gains in wealth during the housing bubble. Culled from Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans lists.
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation $1,200,000,000 Barron Hilton
Druckenmiller Foundation $725,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Harvard University $400,000,000 John A Paulson, Kenneth Griffin
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences $400,000,000 John A Paulson
MIT College of Computing (Stephen A. Schwarzman) $350,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Mount Sinai School of Medicine $200,000,000 Carl C Icahn
Charles Koch Foundation $177,404,830 Charles G. Koch
Yale University $150,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
SUNY Stony Brook $150,000,000 James H. Simons
Baylor College of Medicine $135,000,000 Dan Duncan
Museum of Science and Industry Chicago $125,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
New York Public Library $100,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Harlem Children's Zone $100,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Schwarzman Scholars $100,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
The Simons Foundation $80,000,000 James H. Simons
Carnegie Mellon University $55,000,000 David Tepper
Museum of Modern Art $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New York Presbyterian Hospital $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Blue Meridian Partners $50,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
American Crossroads $42,212,000 Charles B Johnson, Sam Zell, Sheldon G Adelson, Harold Simmons, Kenneth Griffin, Bruce Kovner, Julian Robertson Jr