American multi-billionaires who saw astronomic gains in wealth during the housing bubble. Culled from Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans lists.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Congressional Leadership Fund $31,585,000 Sam Zell, Leon Black, Sheldon Adelson, Stephen Schwarzman, John A Paulson, Stephen M Ross, Dennis R Washington, Kenneth Griffin, Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Jones II, Julian Robertson Jr
World Resources Institute $30,500,000 Stephen M Ross
Restore Our Future PAC $27,240,000 Charles B Johnson, Sam Zell, Sheldon Adelson, Harold G Hamm, Harold Simmons, John A Paulson, Stephen M Ross, Dennis R Washington, Kenneth Griffin, Bruce Kovner, Paul Tudor Jones II, Julian Robertson Jr, David Tepper, Andrew Beal, Henry R Kravis
Deerfield Academy $25,000,000 David Koch
Hospital for Special Surgery $25,000,000 David Koch
Abington High School, Abington, PA $25,000,000 Stephen Schwarzman
Robin Hood Foundation $23,100,000 Steven A Cohen, Ray Dalio
Senate Majority PAC $20,375,000 Ronald W Burkle, Leon Black, George Soros, James H. Simons, Daniel Ziff, Dirk Ziff, David E. Shaw
Norton Museum of Art $20,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
New York University School of Law $20,000,000 Stephen M Ross
University of Oklahoma $20,000,000 Harold G Hamm
Citizens for Rauner, Inc. $13,423,590 Kenneth Griffin
House Majority PAC $10,938,000 George Soros, James H. Simons
David H. Koch Charitable Foundation $10,833,000 David Koch
Harvard Kennedy School $10,000,000 David Rubenstein
University of Chicago Crime Lab $10,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts $10,000,000 David Rubenstein
Winning Our Future $8,600,000 Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons
Success Academy Charter Schools $8,500,000 John A Paulson
National Victory Action Fund $8,000,000 Kenneth Griffin