Penn business school
People Have Given To
People with positions in University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School have made donations to
Democratic White House Victory Fund $114,000 James Dinan, Robert J Wolf
Hillary Victory Fund $110,000 Anne Welsh McNulty, Robert J Wolf
American Crossroads $100,000 Russell E Palmer
Senate Majority PAC $100,000 James Dinan
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $99,600 Ronald Perelman, David S Pottruck, Daniel Och, Robert J Wolf, Jonathan Greenblatt, Connie K Duckworth
NRSC - Nonfederal $93,000 Robert J Hurst, Andrew M Saul, William L Mack
New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee $91,700 James S Tisch, Saul Steinberg, Andrew M Saul
John Kerry $89,600 Robert J Hurst, Robert M Levy, Geoffrey T Boisi, Ronald Perelman, William P Egan, David S Pottruck, Daniel Och, Sidney G Winter, James Dinan, Stanley P Goldstein, Robert J Wolf, Philip M Darivoff
Eric T Schneiderman $87,500 James S Tisch, Ronald Perelman
Daniel Webster $76,500 Geoffrey T Boisi
Hillary Clinton $76,150 Ronald Perelman, Stanley P Goldstein, David S Pottruck, Robert J Wolf, Jonathan Greenblatt, Robert J Hurst, W Frank Fountain Jr, Daniel Och, Anne Welsh McNulty, James Dinan, Kenneth David Moelis
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $68,500 Jon M Huntsman Jr, Saul Steinberg, Andrew M Saul, Geoffrey T Boisi, Robert J Hurst
UBS Americas Fund for Better Government $65,104 Kenneth David Moelis, Robert J Wolf
Every Republican is Crucial PAC $63,500 Daniel Och, Geoffrey T Boisi, James S Tisch, Philip M Darivoff, Kenneth David Moelis, Ronald Perelman
Hillary Action Fund $60,000 Robert J Hurst, James Dinan
Joe Lieberman $58,200 Daniel Och, William L Mack, James S Tisch, William P Egan, Robert J Wolf, Ronald Perelman, Andrew M Saul, Robert J Hurst, David S Pottruck
Eric Dinallo $55,900 James Dinan
Arlen Specter $54,900 Edward B Shils, James S Tisch, Russell E Palmer, Alfred P West Jr, Mark O Winkelman, David S Pottruck, Saul Steinberg, Jon M Huntsman Jr, William L Mack, Daniel Och, Richard Voith, Robert M Levy, Geoffrey T Boisi, Ronald Perelman, Andrew M Saul
George W Bush $53,750 Andrew M Saul, Robert J Hurst, James S Tisch, Arthur D Collins Jr, Robert M Levy, Geoffrey T Boisi, W Frank Fountain Jr, Philip M Darivoff, Russell E Palmer, Robert B Goergen, Alfred P West Jr, Saul Steinberg, William L Mack, Jon M Huntsman Jr
Alan Hevesi $51,900 Daniel Och, Ronald Perelman