Central bank of the United States
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Federal Reserve System also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Federal Open Market Committee Donald L Kohn, Kevin M Warsh, William C Dudley, Daniel K Tarullo, Elizabeth A Duke, Janet L Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Jerome H Powell, Lael Brainard, Stanley Fischer, Sandra Pianalto, Lewis Alexander, Sarah Bloom Raskin
U.S. Department of the Treasury Lewis Alexander, Lael Brainard, Linda Robertson, Lawranne Stewart, Jerome H Powell, Nathan Sheets, Paul Volcker, Jeremy B Rudd, Stanley Fischer, Randal K Quarles, Douglas Elmendorf
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Janet L Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Frederic Mishkin, Paul Volcker, Stanley Fischer, William C Dudley, Sarah Bloom Raskin, William Rutledge, Daniel K Tarullo, Alan S Blinder, Elizabeth A Duke
Promontory Financial Group, LLC Manisha Sharma, Alice Cho, William Rutledge, Sarah Bloom Raskin, Alan S Blinder, Patrick M Parkinson, David Stein, Stephen M Hoffman
Council of Economic Advisers Alan Greenspan, Karen Dynan, Alan S Blinder, Ben Bernanke, Douglas Elmendorf, Janet L Yellen, Jeremy B Rudd
Congressional Budget Office William C Dudley, Alice M Rivlin, Douglas Elmendorf, Stanley Fischer, Alan S Blinder
Brookings Institution Karen Dynan, Alice M Rivlin, Douglas Elmendorf, Donald L Kohn, Lael Brainard
National Bureau of Economic Research Laurence Meyer, Ben Bernanke, Stanley Fischer, Edward Montgomery, Janet L Yellen
Council on Foreign Relations Stanley Fischer, Alan S Blinder, Alice M Rivlin, Alan Greenspan
The Hamilton Project Douglas Elmendorf, Alan S Blinder, Alice M Rivlin, Karen Dynan
Bank for International Settlements William C Dudley, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet L Yellen
Comeback America Initiative Alan Greenspan, Roger W Ferguson Jr, Alice M Rivlin, Paul Volcker
Citigroup Inc. Stanley Fischer, Nathan Sheets, Lewis Alexander
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Manisha Sharma, Raymond Natter, Jon Greenlee
National Economic Council Kevin M Warsh, Daniel K Tarullo, Lael Brainard
Peterson Institute for International Economics Stanley Fischer, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker
American Economic Association Alan S Blinder, Janet L Yellen, Alice M Rivlin
American Bankers Association Elizabeth A Duke, Mark W Olson, Scott Jones
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Alice M Rivlin, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Stephen M Hoffman, William Rutledge, Patrick M Parkinson