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People Have Given To
People with positions in Office of Management and Budget have made donations to
Democratic National Committee $300,950 James T McIntyre, Jr, Josh Gotbaum, Weldon H Latham, Peter Orszag, Kenneth Apfel, Preeta Bansal, Nancy Killefer, Sally Katzen, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Bowman Cutter, Alice M Rivlin, Jeffrey Zients
National Republican Senatorial Committee $213,425 George P Shultz, Thomas A Scully, Dr James R Schlesinger, Michael Bopp, Colin L Powell, Edwin L Harper, Christine Burgeson, Josh Bolten, William M Diefenderfer III
Republican National Committee $154,195 Dr James R Schlesinger, Edwin L Harper, Rob Portman, David Alan Stockman, Sean O'Keefe, Thomas A Scully, William M Diefenderfer III, Karen Evans, Patrick Pizzella, Philip J Perry, Christine Burgeson, Colin L Powell, George P Shultz
NRSC - Nonfederal $100,000 David Alan Stockman
National Republican Congressional Committee $99,700 Karen Evans, William M Diefenderfer III, Josh Bolten, Edwin L Harper, Jim Nussle, Dr James R Schlesinger, George P Shultz, Thomas A Scully, Brian McCormack
Mitt Romney $98,800 Sean O'Keefe, Brian McCormack, Josh Bolten, James Clifford Miller III, Jim Nussle, Thomas A Scully, Marc Kesselman, Karen Evans, Patrick Pizzella, Edwin L Harper, Stuart Siciliano, Dr James R Schlesinger, George P Shultz, Michael Bopp, Christine Burgeson, Phebe N Novakovic, Mark A Robbins
Hillary Victory Fund $96,365 Josh Gotbaum, Peter Orszag, Alice M Rivlin, Ezekiel Emanuel
Barack Obama $88,800 Peter Swire, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Jeffrey Zients, Weldon H Latham, Phebe N Novakovic, Elgie Holstein, Alice Cho, Bowman Cutter, Kenneth Apfel, Nancy Killefer, Ezekiel Emanuel, Sally Katzen, Rob Portman, Jeanne Lambrew, Daniel M Tangherlini, Preeta Bansal, Alice M Rivlin, Josh Gotbaum, Peter Orszag, Jacob J Lew
Hillary Clinton $82,200 Kenneth Apfel, Peter Orszag, Josh Gotbaum, Weldon H Latham, Jacob J Lew, Jeanne Lambrew, Phebe N Novakovic, John P White, Preeta Bansal, Bowman Cutter, Ezekiel Emanuel, Jeffrey Zients, Peter Swire, Sally Katzen, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Alice M Rivlin
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $71,600 Peter Orszag, Jeffrey Zients
John S. McCain III $67,150 Michael Bopp, Christine Burgeson, George P Shultz, Mitch Daniels, Rob Portman, Philip J Perry, Sean O'Keefe, Mark A Robbins, Patrick Pizzella, Colin L Powell, Thomas A Scully, William M Diefenderfer III, Dr James R Schlesinger, Russell Vought, Josh Bolten, Edwin L Harper
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $62,680 Peter Swire, Alice M Rivlin, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Kenneth Apfel, Peter Orszag, Bowman Cutter, Phebe N Novakovic, Thomas A Scully, Weldon H Latham, Sally Katzen
John Kerry $49,750 Bowman Cutter, Jacob J Lew, Barbara Chow, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Elgie Holstein, Rob Portman, Josh Gotbaum, Weldon H Latham, Jeanne Lambrew, Kenneth Apfel, Preeta Bansal, Alastair Fitzpayne, Sally Katzen
George W Bush $46,500 William M Diefenderfer III, Christine Burgeson, David Alan Stockman, Mitch Bainwol, Jim Nussle, Patrick Pizzella, Mitch Daniels, James Clifford Miller III, Jon William Breyfogle, Philip J Perry, Thomas A Scully, Michael Bopp, Dr James R Schlesinger, Mark A Robbins, Rob Portman, Colin L Powell, George P Shultz, Sean O'Keefe, Edwin L Harper
Sallie Mae Inc Political Action Committee (Sallie Mae PAC) $41,000 William M Diefenderfer III
Jeb Bush $35,000 Mark A Robbins, Josh Bolten, Thomas A Scully, Karen Evans, Brian McCormack
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $34,400 Thomas A Scully, Josh Bolten, Christine Burgeson, Brian McCormack
John Boehner $30,150 Christine Burgeson, Brian McCormack, Sean O'Keefe, Thomas A Scully, William M Diefenderfer III, Josh Bolten, Patrick Pizzella
Air Transportation Association of America PAC $30,000 Christine Burgeson
Emily's List $29,210 Alice M Rivlin