People Have Given To
People with positions in Harvard Graduate School of Education have made donations to
Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools $1,000,000 Arthur Levine
Democratic National Committee $124,900 Steven G Seleznow, Paul Buttenwieser, Lucy Fisher, Robert Schwartz, Diana L. Nelson
Barack Obama $67,350 David J Vitale, Lucy Fisher, Robert Schwartz, Steven G Seleznow, Diana L. Nelson, Arthur Levine, Paul Buttenwieser
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $59,500 Diana L. Nelson, Paul Buttenwieser, Lucy Fisher
Hillary Clinton $19,700 Lucy Fisher, Paul Buttenwieser
Eliot Spitzer $16,250 Diana L. Nelson
Kay R Hagan $14,662 Lucy Fisher, Paul Buttenwieser
Hollywood Women's Political Committee $13,350 Lucy Fisher
Mary L Landrieu $13,200 Paul Buttenwieser
Barbara Boxer $12,950 Paul Buttenwieser, Lucy Fisher
Ted Strickland $10,800 Paul Buttenwieser
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $10,000 Paul Buttenwieser, Lucy Fisher, Robert Schwartz, David J Vitale
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. PAC $10,000 Lucy Fisher
Women on the Road to the Senate $10,000 Paul Buttenwieser
Al Franken $9,062 Lucy Fisher, Diana L. Nelson, Paul Buttenwieser
Anthony D Weiner $8,425 Paul Buttenwieser
Sheldon Whitehouse $8,250 Paul Buttenwieser, Diana L. Nelson
Massachusetts Democratic State Committee - Fed Fund $7,500 Paul Buttenwieser
Russ Feingold $7,400 Paul Buttenwieser
John Kerry $7,000 Lucy Fisher, Andy Moffit, Paul Buttenwieser, Steven G Seleznow, Robert Schwartz, Diana L. Nelson