People Have Given To
People with positions in Children's Scholarship Fund have made donations to
Druckenmiller Foundation $725,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Harlem Children's Zone $100,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Blue Meridian Partners $50,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Dick And Betsy Devos Foundation $41,505,000 Richard DeVos
The Blanche and Julian Robertson Family Foundation $36,000,000 Julian Robertson Jr
Teach for America $10,000,000 Arthur Rock
Restore Our Future PAC $4,150,000 Julian Robertson Jr, Jim C Walton
California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee $3,814,916 Arthur Rock, Eli Broad, Jim C Walton
Right to Rise USA $2,467,374 Julian Robertson Jr, Allan B Hubbard, Richard DeVos, Stanley Druckenmiller
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $2,451,812 Roger T Staubach, Richard DeVos, Ronald E Eibensteiner, Stanley Druckenmiller, Theodore Forstmann, James V Kimsey, Julian Robertson Jr, John T Walton, Jim C Walton, Allan B Hubbard, George P Shultz, Peter M Flanigan
Congressional Leadership Fund $2,450,000 Stanley Druckenmiller, Julian Robertson Jr
Parents and Teachers for Tuck $2,249,000 Julian Robertson Jr, Eli Broad, Arthur Rock
Progress for America Voter Fund $2,000,000 Richard DeVos
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $2,000,000 Julian Robertson Jr, Jim C Walton
Republican National Committee $1,731,825 Peter S Lynch, George P Shultz, Christy Walton, Stanley Druckenmiller, Roger T Staubach, Theodore Forstmann, Arthur Rock, Allan B Hubbard, Julian Robertson Jr, Remy W Trafelet, Joseph A Califano Jr, John F Kirtley, Pamella G DeVos, James V Kimsey, Henry A Kissinger, Raymond A Mason, Antonia C Novello, John T Walton, James E Burke, Richard DeVos, Peter M Flanigan, Jim C Walton
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $1,365,149 Michael D McCurry, Robert L Johnson, James V Kimsey, Stanley Druckenmiller, Eli Broad
National Republican Congressional Committee $1,275,150 Henry A Kissinger, Peter M Flanigan, James V Kimsey, Christy Walton, Stanley Druckenmiller, Richard DeVos, Peter S Lynch, Jim C Walton, Pamella G DeVos, Remy W Trafelet, John F Kirtley, Roger T Staubach, Allan B Hubbard, Julian Robertson Jr, George P Shultz
American Crossroads $1,237,000 Richard DeVos, Julian Robertson Jr, Pamella G DeVos, Allan B Hubbard
Prostate Cancer Foundation $1,000,000 Julian Robertson Jr
National Republican Senatorial Committee $959,867 Peter M Flanigan, Peter S Lynch, Christy Walton, Pamella G DeVos, Remy W Trafelet, Roger T Staubach, George P Shultz, Henry A Kissinger, Stanley Druckenmiller, Allan B Hubbard, James V Kimsey, Raymond A Mason, Nathan P Myhrvold, Jim C Walton, Richard DeVos, Julian Robertson Jr, John T Walton