Bipartisan deficit-reducing commission established by Obama in February 2010
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Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Moment of Truth Project Erskine B Bowles, Alan Kooi Simpson, Alice M Rivlin, Ann M Fudge, John McKee Spratt Jr, David M Cote
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Alan Kooi Simpson, John McKee Spratt Jr, Erskine B Bowles, Kent Conrad, Alice M Rivlin
Fix the Debt Judd Alan Gregg, Alice M Rivlin, Alan Kooi Simpson, David M Cote, Erskine B Bowles
Honeywell International Inc. David M Cote, Judd Alan Gregg, Ann M Fudge
US House of Representatives Jeb Hensarling, Paul Ryan, David Lee Camp
US Senate Michael Dean Crapo, Judd Alan Gregg, Thomas Allen Coburn
General Electric Company Ann M Fudge, David M Cote
House Budget Committee John McKee Spratt Jr, Paul Ryan
Senate Budget Committee Judd Alan Gregg, Kent Conrad
Human Rights and the Law Subcommittee Dick Durbin, Thomas Allen Coburn
Brookings Institution Alice M Rivlin, Ann M Fudge
Council on Foreign Relations Alice M Rivlin, Ann M Fudge
Economic Policy Institute Xavier Becerra, Andrew L Stern
House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee Xavier Becerra, Paul Ryan
Leadership Institute Michael Dean Crapo, Thomas Allen Coburn
National Museum of African-American History Council Ann M Fudge, Xavier Becerra
Georgetown University Public Policy Institute Andrew L Stern, Alice M Rivlin
Partnership for Public Service Erskine B Bowles, Dick Durbin
The Ripon Society David Lee Camp, Judd Alan Gregg
Close Up Foundation David Lee Camp, Judd Alan Gregg