The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation is an independent and nonpartisan 501(c)(3) research organization
501(c)(3) research organization dedicated to improving the regulation of U.S. capital markets. Twenty-eight leaders from the investor community,... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Committee on Capital Markets Regulation have made donations to
Museum of Science and Industry Chicago $125,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Citizens for Rauner, Inc. $27,173,590 Kenneth Griffin
Norton Museum of Art $20,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Conservative Solutions PAC $10,100,000 Kenneth Griffin, Paul Singer
University of Chicago Crime Lab $10,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
Senate Leadership Fund $9,100,000 Paul Singer, Kenneth Griffin
American Unity PAC Inc $8,058,313 Paul Singer
Congressional Leadership Fund $6,900,000 Kenneth Griffin, Paul Singer
Ending Spending Action Fund $6,750,000 Kenneth Griffin, Paul Singer
American Crossroads $5,100,000 Kenneth Griffin, Paul Singer
Ron DeSantis $5,010,800 Kenneth Griffin
Restore Our Future PAC $4,700,000 Kenneth Griffin, Wilbur L Ross Jr, Paul Singer
Brookings Institution $4,500,000 John L Thornton
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $3,500,000 Paul Singer
Republican National Committee $3,034,590 Paul Singer, R Glenn Hubbard, Stephen Odland, Kenneth Griffin, Walter C Donovan, William G Parrett, Abigail Johnson, Wilbur L Ross Jr
Freedom Partners Action Fund $3,000,000 Kenneth Griffin, Paul Singer
Our Principles PAC $2,500,000 Paul Singer
The Chicago Public Education Fund $2,000,000 Kenneth Griffin
National Republican Senatorial Committee $1,950,690 Harvey M Schwartz, Paul Singer, Wilbur L Ross Jr, Walter C Donovan, Abigail Johnson, Kenneth Griffin, Thomas A Russo, Samuel A DiPiazza Jr, James F Rothenberg
Progress for America Voter Fund $1,500,000 Paul Singer