Foremost business policy group of leading chief executives
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Business Roundtable also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Fix the Debt Stephen Odland, Randall L Stephenson, Jamie Dimon, John T Chambers, D Scott Davis, W James McNerney Jr, Edward B Rust Jr, Ivan G Seidenberg
The Business Council G Richard Wagoner Jr, James W Owens, W James McNerney Jr, Stephen Odland, Jamie Dimon, Edmund T Pratt
IBM W James McNerney Jr, James W Owens, John T Chambers, Edmund T Pratt, Ken Chenault
The Partnership for New York City, Inc. Ken Chenault, Jamie Dimon, Stephen Schwarzman, Harold McGraw III
Catalyst G Richard Wagoner Jr, Charles O Holliday Jr, Jamie Dimon, Anne M Mulcahy
Verizon Communications Inc. John W Snow, Maria Ghazal, Ivan G Seidenberg
American Express Company Jamie Dimon, Brigitte Schmidt-Gwyn, Ken Chenault
McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. Harold McGraw III, Edward B Rust Jr, William D Green
Center for Strategic and International Studies Rex W Tillerson, W James McNerney Jr, Brendan Bechtel
Committee for Economic Development Edward B Rust Jr, Michael G Morris, Stephen Odland
John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Randall L Stephenson, Stephen Schwarzman, Jamie Dimon
President Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum Stephen Schwarzman, Jamie Dimon, W James McNerney Jr
General Motors Company Edmund T Pratt, G Richard Wagoner Jr
Citigroup Inc. Jamie Dimon, Anne M Mulcahy
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Stephen Schwarzman, Jamie Dimon
The Procter & Gamble Company W James McNerney Jr, Ken Chenault
The Boeing Company Randall L Stephenson, W James McNerney Jr
Johnson & Johnson Anne M Mulcahy, D Scott Davis
Caterpillar, Inc. Edward B Rust Jr, James W Owens
Honeywell International Inc. D Scott Davis, Ivan G Seidenberg