People Have Given To
People with positions in H. J. Heinz Company have made donations to
Prostate Cancer Foundation $1,000,000 Nelson Peltz
Citizens for a Strong America $650,000 Nelson Peltz
Forward Not Back $250,000 Nelson Peltz
Democratic National Committee $184,550 Nelson Peltz, Warren Buffett, Brian Ruder
National Republican Senatorial Committee $177,260 Dennis H Reilley, Nelson Peltz, William R Johnson
H.J. Heinz Company Political Action Committee $160,620 Thomas J Usher, John G Drosdick, Edith E Holiday, Charles E Bunch, Theodore Nicholas Bobby, David Charles Moran, Arthur B Winkleblack, Jeffrey Paul Berger, Candace B Kendle, William R Johnson, Karen Lee Alber, Robert Paul Ostryniec, Michael Patrick Mullen, Michael D Milone, D Edward I Smyth
Republican National Committee $144,526 Dennis H Reilley, Mackey J McDonald, Edith E Holiday, Leonard S Coleman Jr, Nelson Peltz, Arthur B Winkleblack, William R Johnson, Gregory E Abel
58th Presidential Inaugural Committee $100,000 Nelson Peltz
Romney Victory $100,000 Nelson Peltz, Gregory E Abel
34 N22, Inc. $100,000 Nelson Peltz
WinRed $93,100 Nelson Peltz
Take Back The House 2022 $90,000 Nelson Peltz
American Leadership Action $80,000 Nelson Peltz
Barack Obama $77,400 Warren Buffett, Brian Ruder
Trump Victory $75,000 Nelson Peltz
George E Pataki $63,900 Nelson Peltz
Restore Our Future PAC $50,000 Nelson Peltz
Rob Astorino $47,000 Nelson Peltz
Andrew Cuomo $44,000 Nelson Peltz
Dan Sullivan $42,100 Nelson Peltz