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People Have Given To
People with positions in Aramark Corporation have made donations to
Republican National Committee $170,300 Irene M Esteves, John J Zillmer, Leonard S Coleman Jr, Lawrence T Babbio Jr, Joseph Neubauer, Stephen P Murray
Democratic National Committee $83,800 William Leonard, Sanjeev K Mehra, Stephen P Murray
Romney Victory $60,800 John J Zillmer
John S. McCain III $59,600 Joseph Neubauer, Lawrence T Babbio Jr
Verizon Communication Inc. Good Govt Club $42,412 Lawrence T Babbio Jr
National Retail Federation Retailpac $37,500 Stephen I Sadove
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $36,800 Stephen I Sadove, Sanjeev K Mehra
Hillary Victory Fund $35,500 Stephen I Sadove, Richard Negrin, Joseph Neubauer
Mitt Romney $34,600 John J Zillmer, Stephen P Murray, Stephen I Sadove, Paul C Hilal, Eric J Foss
Richard Negrin $31,577 Joseph Neubauer, Rick Martella, Martin Welch, John Babiarz, Charles Reitmeyer, Andrew C Kerin, Robert Carpenter, Richard Negrin, Brian Poplin, Chris Ciatto
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Political Action Committee, the $28,800 Sanjeev K Mehra
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Employee Political Advocacy Fund for Innovation $25,873 Stephen I Sadove
Hillary Clinton $25,000 Stephen I Sadove, Stephen P Murray, Richard Negrin, Bruce Fears, Lawrence T Babbio Jr, Joseph Neubauer, Sanjeev K Mehra
Keystone Victory Fund $25,000 Joseph Neubauer
George W Bush $23,500 Richard W Dreiling, Andrew C Kerin, William Leonard, Joseph Neubauer, Leonard S Coleman Jr, Stephen I Sadove, Irene M Esteves, Lawrence T Babbio Jr, John J Zillmer
National Republican Senatorial Committee $22,750 Joseph Neubauer, John J Zillmer
Chuck Schumer $19,700 Lawrence T Babbio Jr, Stephen I Sadove, Sanjeev K Mehra, Paul C Hilal, Stephen P Murray
Pennsylvania Democratic Party $17,814 Joseph Neubauer
National Republican Congressional Committee $17,250 John J Zillmer, Lawrence T Babbio Jr
Saks Incorporated Fund for Retail Growth PAC $16,400 Stephen I Sadove