Atlanta, GA based airline
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People Have Given To
People with positions in Delta Air Lines, Inc. have made donations to
Hillary Victory Fund $769,500 Jonathan H Becker, Richard H Anderson
Northwest Airlines Political Action Committee $354,223 Richard B Hirst, Michael J Becker, Glen W Hauenstein, Ed Bastian, Mickey P Foret, Dana Debel, Will Chambers Kinzel, Stephen Dickson, Kenneth B Woodrow, Gail Grimmett, Michael O Randolfi, Holden Shannon, Daniel A Carp, Michael H Campbell, Paul A Jacobson, Shirley C Franklin, Paula Rosput Reynolds, Richard H Anderson, Jeff Davidman, Mimi Braniff, Douglas M Steenland, David R Goode, Theresa M H Wise, Hank Halter, Roy J Bostock, John S Brinzo, Patricia D Ornst
National Republican Senatorial Committee $260,650 Roy J Bostock, David R Goode, Francis S Blake, Ed Bastian, George N Mattson, Donald Scott Yohe, John Engler, Heather Wingate, Richard H Anderson, Mimi Braniff
Barack Obama $115,050 Walter E Massey, Michael H Campbell, Thomas E Donilon, Holden Shannon, Gerald Grinstein, David R Goode, Jonathan H Becker, Roy J Bostock
Democratic National Committee $102,500 David R Goode, Gerald Grinstein, Richard H Anderson, Shirley C Franklin, Richard B Hirst
Mitt Romney $97,650 John S Brinzo, John Engler, Heather Wingate, Stephen Dickson, Roy J Bostock, David R Goode, George N Mattson, Will Chambers Kinzel, Mickey P Foret, Ed Bastian, Richard James Doubrava, Francis S Blake
Norfolk Southern Corporation Good Government Fund $74,274 David R Goode, Daniel A Carp
Home Depot Inc. Political Action Committee, the $72,204 Francis S Blake
Republican National Committee $71,200 Roy J Bostock, Kenneth B Woodrow, Heather Wingate, John Engler, Francis S Blake, George N Mattson
Johnny Isakson $62,250 Richard H Anderson, Gail Grimmett, Gerald Grinstein, Theresa M H Wise, Heather Wingate, Donald Scott Yohe, Stephen E Gorman, Paula Rosput Reynolds, Francis S Blake, Michael H Campbell, Will Chambers Kinzel, Ed Bastian
National Republican Congressional Committee $58,200 Richard H Anderson, Francis S Blake, Donald Scott Yohe, Roy J Bostock, Heather Wingate, George N Mattson, John Engler
Mark R Warner $52,400 David R Goode, Ed Bastian, Richard H Anderson, Thomas E Donilon
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $42,916 Rodney E Slater, Shirley C Franklin, Richard B Hirst, Gerald Grinstein, Jonathan H Becker, David R Goode, Richard H Anderson
Professionals in Advertising Political Action Committee $42,500 Roy J Bostock
Senate Battleground Fund $42,400 Ed Bastian, Francis S Blake
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $37,500 Will Chambers Kinzel, John Engler
Mitch McConnell $37,200 Stephen E Gorman, Richard B Hirst, John Engler, David R Goode, Michael O Randolfi, Ed Bastian, Holden Shannon, Heather Wingate, Richard H Anderson, Paul A Jacobson, Michael H Campbell, Francis S Blake, Stephen Dickson, Theresa M H Wise
Hillary Clinton $37,000 Rodney E Slater, M Michele Burns, Thomas E Donilon, Holden Shannon, Shirley C Franklin, Roy J Bostock, Daniel A Carp, Richard H Anderson, Kathy N Waller, Jonathan H Becker
Rob Portman $35,050 John Engler, Paula Rosput Reynolds, Francis S Blake, Richard H Anderson, Heather Wingate, Roy J Bostock, John S Brinzo, Donald Scott Yohe
Continental Airlines Inc Employee Fund for a Better America PAC $34,490 Richard B Hirst, Glen W Hauenstein, Holden Shannon