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People Have Given To
People with positions in American International Group, Inc. have made donations to
Harvard University $400,000,000 John A Paulson
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences $400,000,000 John A Paulson
Yale University $50,000,000 Maurice R Greenberg
Success Academy Charter Schools $8,500,000 John A Paulson
California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee $2,639,916 Eli Broad
Right to Rise USA $1,519,294 John A Paulson, Douglas L Foshee, John A Graf
Restore Our Future PAC $1,000,000 John A Paulson
Parents and Teachers for Tuck $1,000,000 Eli Broad
Everytown for Gun Safety $1,000,000 Eli Broad
Ed Voice For Kids PAC $752,300 Eli Broad
Senate Majority PAC $605,000 Eli Broad
Republican National Committee $574,520 Morris W Offit, Howard I Smith, Steven J Bensinger, Maurice R Greenberg, Evan Greenberg, Stephen F Bollenbach, Martin S Feldstein, Suzanne Nora Johnson, Frank G Zarb, Brian Duperreault, Douglas L Foshee, Henry S Miller, Carla A Hills, John A Paulson, Edward M Liddy, John J Roberts, Harvey Golub, Dennis D Dammerman
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $556,450 John A Paulson, Maurice R Greenberg, Morris W Offit, Howard I Smith, Florence A Davis, Lloyd M Bentsen, Thomas A Russo, John A Graf, Suzanne Nora Johnson, Jimmy Ryan, M Bernard Aidinoff, Eli Broad, Daniel S Glaser, Steven J Bensinger, Stephen F Bollenbach, Brian Duperreault
American International Group Inc. Employee Political Action Committee $377,450 Maurice R Greenberg, Martin J Sullivan, John A Graf, Kathleen E Shannon, Charles Dangelo, Evan Greenberg, Edward E Matthews, Frank G Wisner, Jr., Howard I Smith, John J Roberts, Florence A Davis, Steven J Bensinger, Jay S Wintrob, Robert Michael Sandler
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $375,792 Howard I Smith, Eli Broad, Frank G Wisner, Jr., Edward E Matthews, Thomas A Russo, Robert B Willumstad, Lloyd M Bentsen, Jay S Wintrob, Suzanne Nora Johnson
Democratic National Committee $373,850 Morris W Offit, Joseph Cassano, Edward E Matthews, Suzanne Nora Johnson, M Bernard Aidinoff, Robert Michael Sandler, W Don Cornwell, Eli Broad, Jay S Wintrob, Thomas A Russo, John A Graf, John J Roberts, George L Miles Jr, Richard C Holbrooke, Lloyd M Bentsen
National Republican Congressional Committee $267,601 Morris W Offit, Maurice R Greenberg, John J Roberts, Donald H Layton, Carla A Hills, Eli Broad, Henry S Miller, John A Paulson
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund $250,000 Eli Broad
Coalition for School Reform $250,000 Eli Broad
Trump Victory $250,000 John A Paulson