Represents the public, private, and academic sectors of the national security and intelligence communities.
The Intelligence and National Security Alliance was established as the Security Affairs Support Association (SASA) in 1979 to bring together... more »
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Intelligence and National Security Alliance also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
National Security Agency Barbara A McNamara, Mike McConnell, Kenneth A Minihan, James Allen, Dick Schaeffer, Bill Studeman
Office of the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, John D Negroponte, Al Munson, Elena Kim-Mitchell, Joseph DeTrani
Central Intelligence Agency John O Brennan, Richard J Kerr, Bill Studeman, Tim Sample, Joseph DeTrani
General Dynamics Corporation Lewis F Von Thaer, Bernard Guerry, John Jolly, Tony Cothron
KEYW Corp Kenneth A Minihan, Al Munson, Dick Schaeffer, Bill Studeman
Raytheon Company Lynn A Dugle, Gina Genton, Letitia Anne Long Jr.
CACI International Inc Barbara A McNamara, Jake Jacoby, Michele Platt
Defense Intelligence Agency Kenneth A Minihan, David Shedd, Letitia Anne Long Jr.
ManTech International Corporation Richard J Kerr, Kenneth A Minihan, Bill Varner
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation Mike McConnell, Michael M Thomas, James Allen
IBM Michael M Thomas, Robert Griffin
The Boeing Company Dewey Houck, Jonathan Moneymaker
Microsoft Corporation Aris Pappas, Lewis Shepherd
Lockheed Martin Corporation Timothy Reardon, Mary Sturtevant
Northrop Grumman Corporation Scott White, Mike Del Vecchio
Computer Sciences Corporation Hal Smith, Sam Visner
Leidos Holdings, Inc. Lewis F Von Thaer, K Stuart Shea
US Department of Defense Steve Cambone, Dick Schaeffer
US Department of State John D Negroponte, Joseph DeTrani
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Michael Rodrigue, Letitia Anne Long Jr.