Domestic and international beverage and snack food company
People Have Given To
People with positions in PepsiCo, Inc. have made donations to
Martin Frost $12,800 Ray L Hunt, Richard W Fisher
Georgia Republican Party $12,550 Larry D Thompson
Joe Barton $12,450 Steven S Reinemund, Ray L Hunt, Herman Lay
Freedom Works PAC $12,000 Ray L Hunt
WV State Democratic Executive Committee $12,000 Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Keith S Fimian $11,700 Daniel D'Aniello
California Republican Party/V8 $11,690 Michael Spanos, Ray L Hunt
3M COMPANY PAC $11,648 George W Buckley
Campaign America Inc $11,500 Steven S Reinemund, Herman Lay, Larry D Thompson
Lamar Alexander $11,050 Ray L Hunt, Larry D Thompson, John F Akers, Robert E Allen, Donald M Kendall, Dr Jeffrey Wadsworth
Peter H Coors $11,000 John F Akers, Steven S Reinemund, William R Johnson, Donald M Kendall
Phil Gramm $11,000 Robert E Allen, Ray L Hunt, Herman Lay
Harry Reid $10,800 Richard W Fisher, Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Pennsylvania Democratic Party $10,780 Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Franklin A Thomas
George H W Bush $10,750 James J Schiro, Robert E Allen, David L Wright, Michael Spanos, Steven S Reinemund, John F Akers, Philip E Swink, Donald M Kendall, Ray L Hunt, Herman Lay
Ohio Republican Party State Central & Executive Committee $10,660 William R Johnson, Ray L Hunt
Norm Coleman $10,600 Robert C Pohlad, George W Buckley, Michael Spanos
George Allen $10,300 Ray L Hunt, Daniel Bryant, Michael Spanos, William R Johnson
James Richard Wall Jr $10,300 Shona L Brown
American Beverage Association Political Action Committee (Aka American Beverage PAC) $10,250 Dawn E Hudson, Galen J Reser, Robert C Pohlad