Domestic and international beverage and snack food company
People Have Given To
People with positions in PepsiCo, Inc. have made donations to
Right to Rise USA $2,239,373 Ray L Hunt
Republican National Committee $603,795 Lloyd G Trotter, James J Schiro, Paul Boykas, Robert S Morrison, Jane Nielsen, Donald M Kendall, Ruth A Fattori, Ray L Hunt, Michael D White, Steven S Reinemund, David L Wright, Herman Lay, William R Johnson, Brian C Cornell, John F Akers, Michael Spanos, Daniel D'Aniello, Robert C Pohlad
National Republican Senatorial Committee $535,800 Ray L Hunt, William R Johnson, Lloyd G Trotter, Daniel D'Aniello, James J Schiro, Galen J Reser, Shona L Brown, Michael Spanos, John F Akers
Mitt Romney $292,550 Michael D White, John F Akers, Michael Spanos, Joseph Michael DePinto, James J Schiro, Daniel D'Aniello, Robert S Morrison, Larry D Thompson, Dawn E Hudson, Galen J Reser, Richard Goodman, Daniel Bryant, Donald M Kendall, Ray L Hunt, Jane Nielsen, William R Johnson, Steven S Reinemund, Philip E Swink
Barack Obama $202,950 Lloyd G Trotter, Franklin A Thomas, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Steven S Reinemund, Lionel L Nowell III, Vivek Sankaran, Darren Walker, Robert S Morrison, Victor J Dzau, Michael D White, Victor L Crawford, Dina Dublon, Alberto Ibarguen
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $187,779 Dina Dublon, Lloyd G Trotter, Sharon Percy Rockefeller
National Republican Congressional Committee $150,000 William R Johnson, Herman Lay, Ray L Hunt, Michael Spanos
Democratic National Committee $141,266 Franklin A Thomas, Victor J Dzau, Dina Dublon, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Richard W Fisher
Pepsico Inc. Concerned Citizens Fund $130,597 Indra K Nooyi, Dawn E Hudson, David L Wright, Daniel Bryant, Michael D White, Paul Boykas, Philip E Swink, Charles Maniscalco, Marie T Gallagher, Galen J Reser, Louise Finnerty, Donald M Kendall, Timothy Cost, Larry D Thompson, Mehmood Khan, John C Compton, Richard Goodman, Steven S Reinemund, Elizabeth Avery, Abelardo E Bru
Main Street Individual Fund $100,000 Donald M Kendall
Texas Conservatives Fund $100,000 Ray L Hunt
Kentuckians for Strong Leadership $100,000 Ray L Hunt
John S. McCain III $87,650 Ray L Hunt, Steven S Reinemund, Ruth A Fattori, Michael D White, Donald M Kendall, James J Schiro, John F Akers, Omar Vargas, Herman Lay, Michael Spanos, Galen J Reser, Larry D Thompson, Paul Boykas
Cornyn Majority Cmte $77,200 Ray L Hunt
H.J. Heinz Company Political Action Committee $60,000 William R Johnson
George W Bush $56,000 Herman Lay, Timothy Cost, Larry D Thompson, Donald M Kendall, William R Johnson, John F Akers, Paul Boykas, Robert S Morrison, Ray L Hunt, Steven S Reinemund, Robert E Allen, Galen J Reser, Dr Jeffrey Wadsworth, Michael D White, Albert P Carey, David L Wright, Michael Spanos, James J Schiro, Lloyd G Trotter
Hunt Oil Company Political Action Committee $55,000 Ray L Hunt
Sam Johnson $52,500 Steven S Reinemund, Ray L Hunt, Herman Lay
Priorities USA Action $50,000 Franklin A Thomas
General Electric Company Political Action Committee (Gepac) $45,800 Lloyd G Trotter, Ruth A Fattori