Legislative arm of the Environmental Defense Fund
People Have Given To
People with positions in Environmental Defense Action Fund have made donations to
Druckenmiller Foundation $725,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Harlem Children's Zone $100,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Blue Meridian Partners $50,000,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $751,116 Adele Simmons, Lewis B Cullman, Carl Ferenbach III, Douglas W Shorenstein, Paul Junger Witt, Lewis S Ranieri, Abby Leigh, Wendy Abrams, Susan Mandel, Stanley Druckenmiller, Joanne Witty, Frank E Loy
Democratic National Committee $741,285 Joanne Witty, Lewis B Cullman, Shelby W Bonnie, Carl Ferenbach III, Abby Leigh, Sam Rawlings Walton, Frank E Loy, Adele Simmons, Rick Davis, Susan Mandel, Lewis S Ranieri, Stanley Druckenmiller, Kirsten J Feldman, Paul Junger Witt, Wendy Abrams, Douglas W Shorenstein
Barack Obama $586,334 Abby Leigh, Kirsten J Feldman, Paul Junger Witt, Carl Ferenbach III, Douglas W Shorenstein, Jeffrey P Williams, Frank E Loy, Wendy Abrams, Susan Mandel, Shelby W Bonnie, Rick Davis, Stanley Druckenmiller, Sam Rawlings Walton, Lewis B Cullman, Adele Simmons, Joanne Witty
National Republican Congressional Committee $580,100 Stanley Druckenmiller, Jeffrey P Williams, John C Kerr, Lewis S Ranieri
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $573,350 Stanley Druckenmiller, Thomas F Darden, William Goodell, Rick Davis, John C Kerr
Prostate Cancer Foundation $500,000 Lewis S Ranieri
Planned Parenthood Votes $500,000 Susan Mandel
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $459,566 Joanne Witty, Wendy Abrams, Douglas W Shorenstein, Adele Simmons, Abby Leigh, Lewis B Cullman, Paul Junger Witt, Shelby W Bonnie, Susan Mandel, Elizabeth Thompson
National Republican Senatorial Committee $359,650 Lewis S Ranieri, Carl Ferenbach III, John C Kerr, Stanley Druckenmiller, William Goodell, Thomas H Kean
Congressional Leadership Fund $350,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Priorities USA Action $300,000 Sam Rawlings Walton
Draft Bloomberg Joint Fundraising Committee (Jfc) $250,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Media Fund; the $250,000 Lewis B Cullman
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $250,000 Stanley Druckenmiller
Right to Rise USA $192,160 William Goodell, Stanley Druckenmiller
Eric T Schneiderman $150,700 Lewis B Cullman
Environmental Defense Action Fund PAC $125,500 Jeffrey P Williams, Rick Davis, Susan Mandel, Frank E Loy, Lewis B Cullman, Kirsten J Feldman, Joanne Witty, William Goodell, Carl Ferenbach III, Paul Junger Witt, Thomas F Darden, Abby Leigh, Wendy Abrams