Manufactures components, parts, systems for military and commercial aircraft
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of General Dynamics Corporation also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
US Department of Defense Paul G Kaminski, Phebe N Novakovic, Gerard J DeMuro, Kendell Pease, Gordon R England, Rudy deLeon, Jim Mattis
Abbott Laboratories William A Osborn, Phebe N Novakovic, Laura J Schumacher, John G Stratton
Intelligence and National Security Alliance Lewis F Von Thaer, Bernard Guerry, John Jolly, Tony Cothron
Museum of Science and Industry Chicago James S Crown, William A Osborn, J Christopher Reyes
Henry Crown & Company James S Crown, Charles H Goodman, Lester Crown
John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Phebe N Novakovic, Mary Barra, Catherine B Reynolds
US Marines James L Jones, Steve Lovell, Jim Mattis
Boeing Company James L Jones, Rudy deLeon, Fred Sheldon
Center for Strategic and International Studies James L Jones, Lester Crown, Gregory S Gallopoulos
Central Intelligence Agency Phebe N Novakovic, Duane R Clarridge, Teresa Smetzer
Northwestern University William A Osborn, Phebe N Novakovic, Nicholas D Chabraja
Association of the United States Army Nicholas D Chabraja, David K Heebner, Rudy deLeon
Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. Kirk Herdman, Jennifer Felix
Martin Marietta Materials C Howard Nye, Linda Hudson
United Services Automobile Association Lester L Lyles, Admiral Jay L Johnson
Northrop Grumman Information Systems Kathy J Warden, Lisa Taylor
DynCorp International Inc. Paul G Kaminski, Lewis F Von Thaer
Northrop Grumman Corporation Robert Helm, Kathy J Warden
Spirit of America Jack Keane, Jim Mattis
Northern Trust Corporation William A Osborn, Nicholas D Chabraja