Grocery store chain based in Minesota
People Have Given To
People with positions in SuperValu Inc. have made donations to
Norm Coleman $31,300 Edwin C Gage, Pamela K Knous, Paul Singer, Jerry Storch
Barack Obama $30,300 Susan E Engel, Ronald E Daly, Steven S Rogers, Craig R Herkert
National Association of Chain Drug Stores Political Action Committee $22,500 Kevin H Tripp, John T Standley
Supervalu Inc Political Action Committee, (Valupac) $22,376 Edwin C Gage, Kathi P Seifert, Lawrence A Del Santo, Steven S Rogers, Kevin H Tripp, Michael L Jackson
Food Marketing Institute Political Action Committee Foodpac $22,300 Philip L Francis, Lawrence A Del Santo, Sherry M Smith, Pamela K Knous, Jeffrey Noddle, Robert G. Miller
John McCain $21,500 Charles M Lillis, Edwin C Gage, Robert G. Miller, Craig R Herkert
Restore Our Future PAC $20,000 Philip L Francis
Amy Klobuchar $18,825 Susan E Engel, Edwin C Gage, Jerry Storch
Republican National Committee $18,150 Kathi P Seifert, Robert G. Miller, Paul Singer
Mitt Romney $17,700 Philip L Francis, Edwin C Gage, Lawrence A Del Santo, Mark A Neporent, Jerry Storch
S. C. Johnson & Son Inc Political Action Committee $15,000 Steven S Rogers
Erik Paulsen $12,600 Edwin C Gage, Paul Singer
Deloitte Federal Political Action Committee $11,350 Irwin Cohen
National Cable and Telecommunications Association Political Action Committee (Ncta PAC) $11,000 Charles M Lillis
Democratic National Committee $11,000 Susan E Engel, Charles M Lillis
Gordon Harold Smith $10,500 Charles M Lillis, Robert G. Miller
Oregon Republican Party $10,208 Edwin C Gage, Robert G. Miller
Mark Kennedy $10,150 Edwin C Gage
Bob Schaffer $9,600 Charles M Lillis
Gilbert W Gutknecht $9,500 Edwin C Gage