Business Advisory Council for the Department of Commerce since 1933
People Have Given To
People with positions in The Business Council have made donations to
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation $2,000,000,000 David Packard
Duke University $35,000,000 Edmund T Pratt
Long Island University $12,000,000 Edmund T Pratt
Republican National Committee $470,621 Edmund T Pratt, Angela F Braly, James Goodnight, W James McNerney Jr, James W Owens, Andrew N Liveris, David Packard, Stephen Odland, Stephen Bechtel Jr
Right to Rise USA $208,830 James Goodnight, Peter T Grauer
National Republican Congressional Committee $190,710 Angela F Braly, James Goodnight, Edmund T Pratt, David Packard, Stephen Bechtel Jr, James W Owens
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $188,050 Ronald A Williams, Peter T Grauer, Philip E Cassidy, Andrew N Liveris, Jamie Dimon
National Republican Senatorial Committee $188,000 David Packard, Angela F Braly, Edmund T Pratt, Stephen Bechtel Jr, James W Owens, Ronald A Williams, James Goodnight
New Yorkers For Independent Action $150,000 Peter T Grauer
Democratic National Committee $112,950 Andrew N Liveris, Peter T Grauer, Patricia A Woertz, Jamie Dimon
Mitt Romney $112,200 Andrew N Liveris, Stephen Odland, David Packard, Stephen Bechtel Jr, James Goodnight, James W Owens
American Crossroads $100,000 James Goodnight
Republican Victory Fund $97,200 Stephen Bechtel Jr
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $96,000 James Goodnight, David Packard
Barack Obama $89,500 Jamie Dimon, Andrew N Liveris, Patricia A Woertz
Amazon Corporate LLC Separate Segregated Fund (Amazon.Com PAC) $85,000 Jeffrey P Bezos
Bechtel PAC Committee $70,000 Stephen Bechtel Jr
North Carolina Republican Executive Committee $67,500 James Goodnight, Stephen Bechtel Jr
General Motors Corporation Political Action Committee (GM PAC) $61,116 G Richard Wagoner Jr
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Federal Political Action Committee $60,000 Jamie Dimon