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Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Concord Coalition also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform Maya MacGuineas, William H Gray III, Charles Spittal Robb, Charles A Bowsher, Paul Volcker, Peter G Peterson, Charles Walter Stenholm, Timothy Joseph Penny
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget William H Gray III, Paul Volcker, Charles A Bowsher, Peter G Peterson, Charles Walter Stenholm, Timothy Joseph Penny, Maya MacGuineas
Brookings Institution Steven Rattner, Maya MacGuineas, Stephen Friedman, Warren Bruce Rudman, Diane Lim Rogers
Council on Foreign Relations Warren Bruce Rudman, Robert E Rubin, Peter G Peterson, James E Burke, Stephen Friedman
Peter G Peterson Foundation Paul Volcker, Robert E Rubin, Ed Lorenzen, Peter G Peterson
Senate Intelligence (Select) Committee Bob Kerrey, Sam Nunn, Charles Spittal Robb
U.S. Department of the Treasury Steven Rattner, Paul Volcker, Robert E Rubin
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Peter G Peterson, Stephen Friedman, Paul Volcker
The Hamilton Project Robert E Rubin, Timothy Clark Collins, Steven Rattner
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs John P White, Timothy Clark Collins, Paul Volcker
Committee for Economic Development Paul A Allaire, Peter G Peterson, John P White
President's Intelligence Advisory Board Charles Spittal Robb, Stephen Friedman, Warren Bruce Rudman
Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform Peter G Peterson, Bob Kerrey, William H Gray III
Comeback America Initiative Maya MacGuineas, Paul Volcker, Robert L Bixby
Children's Scholarship Fund Warren Bruce Rudman, Sam Nunn, James E Burke
Fix the Debt Steven Rattner, Maya MacGuineas, Sam Nunn
Citigroup Inc. Timothy Clark Collins, Robert E Rubin
Goldman Sachs Robert E Rubin, Stephen Friedman
Dell Inc Sam Nunn, William H Gray III
Harvard University Hanna Holborn Gray, Robert E Rubin