Designs, manufactures & markets digital wireless telecommunications products & services.
People Have Given To
People with positions in QUALCOMM Incorporated have made donations to
Cornell Tech $133,000,000 Irwin Mark Jacobs
SETI Institute $3,500,000 Franklin Antonio
Priorities USA Action $2,000,000 Irwin Mark Jacobs
Right to Rise USA $1,110,596 Marc I Stern
Hillary Victory Fund $454,500 Sherry L. Lansing, Irwin Mark Jacobs
Qualcomm Incorporated Political Action Committee (Qpac) $408,916 Irwin Mark Jacobs, Donald J Rosenberg, Brent Scowcroft, Sherry L. Lansing, Jeffrey William Henderson, Sanjay K Jha, Duane A Nelles, Thomas W Horton, Clark T Randt Jr, Paul E Jacobs, Robert E Kahn, William Bold, Sean P Murphy, Jeffrey A Jacobs, Marc I Stern, Franklin Antonio, Mark D McLaughlin
Senate Leadership Fund $300,000 Marc I Stern
National Republican Congressional Committee $294,650 William E Keitel, Anthony J Vinciquerra, Marc I Stern, Stephen M Bennett, Brent Scowcroft, Neil Smit
Republican National Committee $294,250 Franklin Antonio, Brent Scowcroft, Marc I Stern, Ann M Livermore, Thomas W Horton, Neil Smit
National Republican Senatorial Committee $288,463 Neil Smit, Brent Scowcroft, Franklin Antonio, Ann M Livermore, Marc I Stern
Democratic National Committee $264,300 Jeffrey A Jacobs, Paul E Jacobs, Irwin Mark Jacobs, Laurie C Self, Sherry L. Lansing
American Bridge 21st Century $200,000 Irwin Mark Jacobs
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $150,800 Irwin Mark Jacobs, Sherry L. Lansing, Sanjay K Jha
America's Families First Action Fund $150,000 Irwin Mark Jacobs
Barack Obama $140,800 Irwin Mark Jacobs, Paul E Jacobs, Jonathan Rubinstein, Donald J Rosenberg, Jeffrey A Jacobs, Sherry L. Lansing
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $131,900 Paul E Jacobs, Irwin Mark Jacobs, Jeffrey A Jacobs, Sherry L. Lansing, Sanjay K Jha
Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools $100,000 Marc I Stern
Senate Majority PAC $100,000 Irwin Mark Jacobs
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $80,000 Irwin Mark Jacobs
Congressional Leadership Fund $75,000 Marc I Stern