An aerospace, transportation, energy and industrial engineering company
People Have Given To
People with positions in ITT Inc have made donations to
United Technologies Corporation Political Action Committee $46,066 Geraud Darnis, George E Minnich
ITT Corporation PAC (Ittpac) $37,994 Steven R Loranger, Henry J Driesse, John J Hamre, Ralph F Hake, Denise L Ramos, Rand V Araskog, Donald E Foley
E.I. DU Pont De Nemours Company Good Government Fund (Dupont Good Government Fund) $25,800 Nicholas C Fanandakis
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated $21,000 Surya N Mohapatra
Barack Obama $19,850 Paul G Kirk Jr, Steven F Gaffney
Democratic National Committee $18,500 Paul G Kirk Jr, John J Hamre
American Clinical Laboratory Associaton PAC (Labpac) $15,000 Surya N Mohapatra
First Data Corporation Employees for Responsible Government $15,000 Christina A Gold
Republican National Committee $12,000 Markos I Tambakeras, Henry J Driesse, Ralph F Hake, Richard P Lavin
John Kerry $11,750 Paul G Kirk Jr
Caterpillar Employee Political Action Committee $11,364 Richard P Lavin
John McCain $10,400 Steven R Loranger, Markos I Tambakeras, George E Minnich
Mitt Romney $9,500 Geraud Darnis, Markos I Tambakeras, Richard P Lavin
Ted Kennedy $9,400 Paul G Kirk Jr
George W Bush $8,400 Geraud Darnis, Donald J Stebbins, Markos I Tambakeras, Henry J Driesse, George E Minnich, Richard P Lavin
Chris Dodd $7,500 Paul G Kirk Jr, George E Minnich, Christina A Gold
Patrick Joseph Kennedy $6,000 Paul G Kirk Jr
Joe Lieberman $5,600 Geraud Darnis
Campaign America Inc $5,000 Rand V Araskog
New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee $5,000 Rand V Araskog