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People Have Given To
People with positions in Computer Sciences Corporation have made donations to
Keep The Promise $350,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
Keep the Promise PAC $250,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
Republican National Committee $156,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr., Irving W Bailey II, Sean O'Keefe, Russell Hartley Owen
Trump Victory $100,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
National Republican Congressional Committee $79,100 Thomas H. Patrick Sr., Irving W Bailey II, Lawrence B Prior III
Mitt Romney $59,300 Thomas H. Patrick Sr., Judith R Haberkorn, Lawrence B Prior III, Sean O'Keefe, F Warren McFarlan
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $58,200 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
Senate Conservatives Action $50,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
Remember Mississippi $50,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
Computer Sciences Corporation PAC $41,281 Paul T Tucker, William L Deckelman Jr, Michael W Laphen, Hayward D Fisk, Lance Swann, James W Sheaffer, Nathan Siekierka
Directv Group, Inc. Fund - Federal (Directv PAC) $40,000 Bruce B Churchill
Barack Obama $37,100 Bruce B Churchill, Lawrence B Prior III, Nancy Killefer, Erik Brynjolfsson, F Warren McFarlan
Republican Party of Kentucky $30,000 Irving W Bailey II
Unintimidated PAC $25,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
Mike Lee $24,300 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
John S. McCain III $23,600 Judith R Haberkorn, Irving W Bailey II, Sean O'Keefe
Ohio Republican Party State Central & Executive Committee $20,000 Thomas H. Patrick Sr.
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $20,000 Irving W Bailey II
Mitch McConnell $18,600 Thomas H. Patrick Sr., Irving W Bailey II
Jeb Bush $16,200 Irving W Bailey II