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People Have Given To
People with positions in TED have made donations to
With Honor $10,000,000 Jeff Bezos
Yes on 1240: Washington Coalition for Public Charter Schools $3,075,000 Bill Gates
My Ride to Vote $436,795 Sergey Brin
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $327,900 Bill Gates, Seth Godin, Nathan P Myhrvold, Scott D Cook
Doug Burgum $320,396 Bill Gates
Citizens for Working Courts - Enterprise Washington $200,000 Bill Gates
Democratic National Committee $183,600 Steve Jurvetson, Daniel Dennett, Bill Gates, Steven Pinker, Seth Godin, Scott D Cook, Sergey Brin
National Republican Senatorial Committee $160,100 Bill Gates, Nathan P Myhrvold, Scott D Cook
Microsoft Corporation Political Action Committee $101,000 Bill Gates
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $100,000 Scott D Cook
Amazon Corporate LLC Separate Segregated Fund (Amazon.Com PAC) $100,000 Scott D Cook, Jeff Bezos
Barack Obama $89,783 Sergey Brin, Meg Ryan, Jacqueline Novogratz, Steven Pinker, Seth Godin, Bill Gates, Stefan Sagmeister, Daniel Gilbert, Steve Jurvetson
National Republican Congressional Committee $70,000 Scott D Cook, Bill Gates, Dean Kamen
Google Inc. Google Netpac $70,000 Lawrence Page, Sergey Brin
Dscc/Non-Fed Unincorp Assoc $50,000 Scott D Cook
Mitt Romney $37,300 Scott D Cook
Intuit 21st Century Leadership Fund $35,800 Scott D Cook
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $35,800 Sergey Brin
Patty Murray $35,700 Bill Gates, Scott D Cook, Jeff Bezos, Nathan P Myhrvold
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $32,500 Bill Gates, Scott D Cook