People Have Given To
People with positions in Internal Revenue Service have made donations to
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $21,500 Donald T Cohen, Patrick G Heck
Mitt Romney $21,000 Charles Rettig, Charles O Rossotti, Gary Gasper, Ronald Sanders, Mark Everson
Reform PAC $17,045 Gary Gasper
Tom Davis $14,850 Charles O Rossotti, Kenneth W Gideon
Gerald C Weller $14,337 Gary Gasper
K&L Gates LLP Political Action Committee (DC) $11,988 Patrick G Heck
John S. McCain III $11,200 Mark Everson, Gary Gasper, Charles O Rossotti, Fred T Goldberg Jr
George W Bush $10,500 Mark Everson, Kenneth W Gideon, Lawrence B Gibbs, Gary Gasper
Skadden Arps Political Action Committee $10,150 Kenneth W Gideon, Armando Gomez, Fred T Goldberg Jr
Committee for the Preservation of Capitalism (Cpc), the $10,000 Gary Gasper
Keep Our Mission PAC $10,000 Gary Gasper
Rob Portman $7,500 Charles O Rossotti, Gary Gasper
Republican National Committee $6,750 Mark Everson, Kenneth W Gideon, Charles O Rossotti, Lawrence B Gibbs
Max Baucus $6,450 Gary Gasper, Charles Rettig, Patrick G Heck, Michael J Goldman
Brian Schatz $5,400 Charles Rettig
Volunteer PAC $5,000 Gary Gasper
Barack Obama $4,600 Nancy Killefer, Mark J Mazur, Fred T Goldberg Jr, Charles Rettig
National Venture Capital Association Venturepac $4,500 Charles O Rossotti
Democratic Party of Hawaii $4,200 Charles Rettig
Miller & Chevalier Chartered Political Action Committee ('Miller & Chevalier PAC') $4,150 Lawrence B Gibbs