Billion dollar charitable donors in US 2000-2013
Based on $1 million plus transactions. Warren Buffett made more than $39 billion in gifts 2000-2013.
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Peterson Institute for International Economics $0 Peter G Peterson
Center for American Progress $0 Herbert Sandler
Memphis Meats $0 Bill Gates
Third Millennium $0 Peter G Peterson
Co-Impact $0 Bill Gates
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation $1,200,000,000 Barron Hilton
Peddie School $100,000,000 Walter Annenberg II
Annenberg Institute for School Reform $50,000,000 Walter Annenberg II
Priorities USA Action $5,000,000 Herbert Sandler
Citizens for a Strong Senate $4,272,965 Herbert Sandler
Yes on 1240: Washington Coalition for Public Charter Schools $3,150,000 Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates
Moveon.Org Voter Fund $2,505,014 Herbert Sandler
Hillary Victory Fund $1,060,200 Herbert Sandler
NextGen Climate Action $1,000,000 Herbert Sandler
Senate Majority PAC $1,000,000 Herbert Sandler
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $504,375 Peter G Peterson, Walter Annenberg II, Bill Daniels
Prostate Cancer Foundation $500,000 Gordon Earle Moore
House Majority PAC $400,000 Herbert Sandler
Democratic National Committee $336,650 Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates, Warren Buffett, Barron Hilton, Peter G Peterson, Herbert Sandler, Susan Buffett, Virginia Stowers
Doug Burgum $320,396 Bill Gates