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Session 2, May 16, 7pm ET: The Corporation

The corporation is the dominant organizational structure in our extractive political economy. Learn how to find strategic information in public filings from corporations – like profits, executive pay, and major

Session 3, June 20, 7pm ET: Nonprofits

From colleges and cultural institutions to corporate front groups, many influential organizations are governed by US non-profit laws. This training will discuss the role of nonprofits in elite power structures

Session 5, September 19, 7pm ET: Money in Politics

How do corporations and the ultra-rich use their money to influence politics? Learn how to use federal and state databases as well as free tools like OpenSecrets to research the

Session 6, October 17, 7pm ET: Researching Politicians

Who are our elected officials listening to and what do they care about? This training will explore how to research politicians’ personal networks using public data like personal financial disclosures,

Session 7, November 21, 7pm: Local Power Centers

Once we have researched the key power players, how do we put this information together to develop an analysis of corporate power? Learn how to synthesize research into a power