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The Public Accountability Initiative – known more broadly as LittleSis – is a nonprofit public interest research organization focused on corporate and government accountability. 

At LittleSis we conduct and facilitate power research to generate a specific understanding of social-political-economic power in order to inform movement strategies, build coalitions and directly support campaigns that challenge power structures. A deep analysis of power structures helps create a more strategic and interconnected movement that wins more campaigns and is increasingly effective in working toward our movement’s shared liberatory vision.

Our work to empower the movement for social change through power research is divided among three main areas of engagement:

Original Research

At LittleSis we specialize in power research – research on networks of wealthy and powerful people, organizations, and their relationships. By following the money and connecting the dots in the power structure, we produce actionable research that supports challenges to corporations and other institutions that drive and benefit from economic inequality, racism, and environmental degradation. 

Movement Technology

We build and maintain power research-specific technology like, our flagship database and research platform that tracks information on powerful people and organizations to help better understand their networks of influence. In keeping with our vision of “watching up,” the data in is maintained by a growing community of volunteer editors and developers. Our tech is open-source and available to anyone interested in challenging networks of power and influence. 

Training & Popular Education

LittleSis offers trainings and workshops on how to do power research to help organizers, campaigners, and activists learn the skills they need to build strong, multi-faceted strategies and win. Our trainings include general overviews on power research, how to use various research tools, how to compile research related to specific issue areas, and how to leverage research in campaigns.