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LittleSis State Power Mapping Program

LittleSis’s State Power Mapping program supports base-building organizations and coalitions working to challenge corporate power at the state, regional, and local levels through political education and capacity-building trainings, producing and co-producing original research to support specific campaigns, and collaboration on campaign strategy and tactics.

We are currently working in partnership with organizations in New York, Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania and we have worked with organizations in Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, and Minnesota in the past. As of April 2022, our ongoing State Power Mapping work is supporting campaigns to protect tenants’ rights, re-direct subsidies away from wealthy corporate and real estate interests, fund education and housing, and challenge electric utilities profiteering from fossil fuel monopolies

LittleSis Climate Program

LittleSis’s climate program supports movements and campaigns for energy, climate, and environmental justice through conducting and facilitating power research focused on the fossil fuel industry and its financial backers. We work with national and local partner organizations and base-building groups to bring transparency to the fossil fuel industry’s influence in society and politics, expose the ways it seeks to advance its interests, and locate points of vulnerability within the fossil industry power structure. We perform and facilitate this power research in order to provide strategic leverage, education, and skill-building to movement organizations that are challenging the fossil fuel industries power and interests.

Our climate program has been a core feature of LittleSis for over a decade. Since 2012, we have conducted extensive investigations of the industry and its agenda that have garnered major media coverage and delivered significant impact. Our research has identified politicians and regulators who are captured by the industry; exposed academic institutions and identified think tanks and front groups that are helping it move its agenda and shape public opinion; mapped Wall Street banks and investors who are providing critical financial underpinning to the industry; and connected the dots between fossil fuel money and other areas of injustice.

We are currently working in partnership with organizations to name-and-shame Wall Street financiers of fossil fuels – with a focus on big asset managers and private equity – support campus fossil fuel divestment campaigns, highlight ways fossil fuel industry power drive racial injustice, and support state-level fights to protect climate legislation and to take on utility power.

LittleSis Tech & Training Program

The LittleSis Tech & Training program builds research tools and resources and provides training opportunities to support on-the-ground corporate campaigning and corporate accountability research and reporting. The program supports an array of organizations, movement spaces, and serves a general audience including activists, academics, journalists, and fellow researchers across disciplines and issue areas.

Our mission with this program is to bring together a wide array of publicly available information into one research platform with a suite of tools that help our users turn data into narratives and stories that support the goals of movements and campaigns.