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Check back frequently for new research primers, toolkits, and how-tos for doing power research and effectively using it in organizing.

LittleSis Power Research Database

LittleSis is a free, open-source research platform. It is a database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government and a powerful tool for strategic research.

Map the Power Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide people organizing for social change in their communities with the resources, tips, and framework they need to conduct power research for building campaigns.

Powerlines: A Guide to the Power and Influence of Electric Utilities

The guide explores how rate cases – the quasi-judicial proceedings to set rates for publicly regulated utility monopolies – work, discusses the various players and interests that get involved in rate cases, and highlights different strategies and tactics that community organizations can employ to fight rate hikes and reclaim power from these influential corporations.


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