John W Allen has/had a position (Founder, Former Trustee) at George Soros

Title Founder, Former Trustee
Start Date 1993-00-00
End Date 1996-00-00
Notes “I began to ask myself, what realistically can I do to make a difference during my lifetime? How can I use my education, relationships and global experiences, that I have been so fortunate to receive, to help change the world in a constructive way? Many people were interested in researching space, solving AIDS and in other current causes, but my feeling was that technologies were changing humanity in more fundamental ways, and therefore we needed better ways to manage them in order for our civilization to survive. As a result, my focus evolved into finding ways to develop the systems and financial mechanisms to address our global problems with a world view rather than national perspective.” John was fortunate to become an early Trustee of George Soros’s Open Society Institute and was also asked to become one of three Trustees for the International Science Foundation, with George Soros and James Watson (who discovered DNA). During his tenure with these two organizations, he worked on the idea of a “DNA Account”, which is a digital investment account linked directly to a person’s DNA - the only infallible identity system. The DNA account can provide money for life’s basic necessities while avoiding both corruption and bureaucracy.

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