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Launched Lord Nicholas H Stern
Launched by Carbon Rating Agency
Start Date 2008-00-00
Notes About Us IDEAcarbon is a fully owned subsidiary of IDEAglobal Group. IDEAglobal Group was formed in 2008, with the intention of bringing to market two important initiatives in climate change solutions: IDEAcarbon and The Carbon Ratings Agency. These initiatives represented a leading contribution to the thinking, framework and solutions for climate risk. The main objectives were to generate confidence among institutional investors allowing them to understand the risks and prospective returns in this emerging asset class, encouraging their participation to invest. On June 25th, 2008, Lord Nicholas Stern launched the Carbon Ratings Agency on the London Stock Exchange, shortly after becoming Vice Chair of the Agency. The group attracted motivated leading experts, particularly on climate policy and the creation of rigorous tools to measure “environmental returns of Natural Capital “, allowing comparable measurement against the standards used for other major assets such as stocks, bonds and commodities. Christiana Figueres played a vital role at The Carbon Ratings Agency as Vice Chair of its Ratings Committee for several years, before being recruited as head of the UNFCCC. She led the negotiations that delivered the Paris agreement, being called by the Guardian as the 'woman tasked with saving the world from global warming'. Lord Stern authored perhaps the key framework “The Economics of Climate Change”, a benchmark for global policy makers and the private sector to translate climate risk to macroeconomics. The work of our group has made contributions at the cutting edge of the 10-year journey which has now culminated in climate risk being the predominant factor being addressed by the private sector. e-mail: general@ideacarbon.com | Contact Us Home IDEABlog About Us Our Products Partnerships International Carbon Reserve Contact Us About Us Advisors Testimonials and Affiliations
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